Teach My Tuesday-Self Tanners and Makeup to match

| Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coming out of the winter season most of us are feeling a little pasty, craving that "kissed by the sun" glow.

With fun in the sun still limited it's hard to get a nice tan to strut into summer with.
Lucky for us Canadians, who's summer is limited and often times short, companies like Clarins, Laura Mercier, Guerlain  and Estée Lauder created 'fool proof tans in a bottle'
Somebody should have told that to Ms.Lohan and Ms.Snooki
 Hey ladies! The oompaloompa's called-they want their skin color back!

Now that we have recommended some self tanners to try, let's go over some rules to tan by!

Buff up your skin and polish off those dead skin cells to avoid a patchy tan. Do this once or twice a week to keep a youthful appearance.

Pay extra attention to your knees, elbows and ankles. These areas tend to be a little dryer and will absorb more color. By moisturizing you're ensuring an even tan.

Don't go too dark too quickly.
 Self tanning lotions contain an active ingredient called  dihydroxyacetone or DHA. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with skin cells. When this interactions occurs, you will see a color change that will last 5-7days. So instead of applying tanner daily, try applying once a week.

Rule # 4- TOES TO NOSE
Start your application at the lowest point on your body. This way you won't have any creasing from bending over to reach your toes. Use even, upward strokes when applying your lotion of choice.

To keep your new tan longer, wait 8 hours until you shower-avoid hot baths, pools and shaving. Use moisturizing soaps when bathing to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin holds your tan better and after all this to-do to get a tan you might as well keep it!

A sunscreen with a minimum of 30 is required to block out the suns harmful rays. 
Self tanners do not offer this so lather up!

With radiant skin makeup becomes minimal...
Here are some looks to inspire you 

Natural makeup with a peachy lip is all you need!

Happy Tans Everyone!

Much Love,

Artists Within Glowing Gals XO

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Fashion Friday-Festival Fashion

| Friday, April 20, 2012

The most wonderful time of year has arrived- Festival Season!

Coachella 2012 has caused quite the stir with the late Tupac (*warning explicit language) arriving via hologram to perform with Snoop Dogg. Not to mention the killer lineup with acts such as
  The Black Keys, RadioHead, At the Drive In, Florence and the Machine and so many more!

With all the excitement of #Coachella and other festivals, we thought it only appropriate to highlight the fashion of the festival go-ers.
Some good. Some bad. All happy to be part of the fun.

Still early in the season and itching to wear shorts, these ladies demonstrate it can be done. Paired with
 rock-star worthy boots to keep the toes cozy-The look is fun, fashionable and functional
Might I add the mustache is a fantastic touch! Anyone who sports a faux mustache is a friend of mine!

Flowy dresses, boots, a bold satchel and a floppy sun hat is perfect for a day of tunes and fun!

The prettiest of dresses paired with a band tank over top screams "Rock Star's Girlfriend!" 
A great way to make a girly dress into something a little more rocker-esque.

A crucial accessory when festival-ing is sunglasses! 
To avoid the awkward moment of getting busted staring at people opt for mirrored lenses on your sunny's. Best for people watching, incognito.

A scarf in ones hair is an adorable touch!

Which festival(s) are you hitting up in-style this year? 

So many to choose from!

And that's just scratching the surface of music and art festivals happening all over the world!

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!


The Artists Within rockstars XO

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The buzz at Artists Within

| Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is here and we have summer on our minds!
The trees are budding, the birds are singing and there is an undeniable buzz around Artists Within!
By Helen Kwan
Our students and graduates are no exception-they too have been busy doing what they do best...
Check it out!
Last weekend Artists Within had a booth, the BEST booth, at the Calgary Woman's show. Amilee, graduate of Artists Within, was doing live body painting on the gorgeous AW Models

Nikki preparing another AW Model, Arona for her shoot

The Easter weekend, some of our grads opted to skip dinner to be part of a Fashion Marathon with ACAD and Old's college.
Some behind the scenes shot's...

Our Advanced makeup students just did their final photo shoot on Monday and we were blown away by what they brought to the table...
Geisha by Michiko Tanaka
Stone statue by Vered Amir

Angela graduated from our part time makeup diploma program and is steadily growing a gorgeous portfolio!

If you're impressed by what you've seen, give us a call and find out how you too can be part of everything cool Artists Within Makeup Academy does!
We look forward to hearing from you
or Artistswithin@shaw.ca

Much Love,

Artists Within XO

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Facebook: Artists Within School of Makeup

Teach me Tuesday-Beach worthy locks

| Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer is still a few months away but in our minds it has arrived!


Bright, bold colors are prominent this year in fashion. Bright clothing, bright lips, a punch of color on your lids with a winged liner or a punchy shadow color. 
But what to do with your locks this summer?

How about this...?

Or what about this?

That's right BEACH HAIR! Natural, flowy, sweet and oh-so easy! Low maintenance hair that looks great-Yes please!
To achieve these looks you NEED Kevin Murphy's products. Specifically the hair.resort spray and hair.resort beach texturiser

Here's what Kevin Murphy says about his Hair.Resort Spray 
"Get "a day at the beach hair" with this fragrant volumising beach hair spray. Honey, Citrus and Tangerine make this spray essential for sexy messy Surfer girls and messy sexy Surfer boys."
How to use: It's as easy as spraying it into damp or dry hair, scrunch and go!
What the appeal? This product is weightless, non-aerosol and gives soft, natural texture.

And more about the Hair.Resort beach texturiser
"A messy beach look that defines all hair types. An oil free texturiser for a sexy surfer look that defies gravity. Apply to damp or dry hair, scrunch in and you are good to go!" With Honey extract being the key ingredient, your hair will feel soft and have added flexibility.
How to use: Similar to the Hair.Resort Spray, scrunch the product into damp or dry locks-Now go play!
Why this product?
Gives a sexy beach look
Enhances curls
Paraben free
Strong hold volumiser
Works in seconds
Gives a strong hold to the hair
For all hair types

Check out Kevin Murphy's Video on how to work with Hair.Resort and create beachy waves on long straight hair.

Some other beachy hair 'dos to try this year

All Kevin Murphy products are available at Artists Within- come visit us and get your beach hair products before they are all gone!

Much Love,

Artists Within beach dreamin' ladies

Teach Me Tuesday-Pretty in Pink

| Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pretty In Pink is a classic "Brat pack" film

A classic tale of the working-class girl having a crush on the popular rich boy and all the woes associated with that!
Both the film and the soundtrack are timeless classics-If you haven't seen it yet, it's probably in the $5 section at HMV. Go buy it, you'll love it!

In the mean time watch the video below for a little taste of what kind of greatness you are getting yourself into by buying this great flick!

For today's "Teach Me Tuesday" post we decided to do a "Pretty in Pink" look.
We've seen pink on the runway, not only in clothing but also in the makeup and sometimes even in hair!

Seen at Elie Saab's couture show, her models were definitely Pretty in Pink

To mimic both looks here's what you gotta do...

Mix sheer veil illuminator ($45) to your mineral liquid foundation ($50). This gives the skin a beautiful, dewy glow!  Highlight under your eyes using a concealing illuminator pen ($35) to hide any under eye darkness and to keep that area bright and fresh!

Sweep a light brush of Hint of Pink blush ($21) to give that sweet, innocent flush to the apples of your cheeks.

For the lids, start with an eye base ($21)-Pressing a peach/coral shadow on the lid ($21). In the crease, skip your usual taupe, and instead use a pink shadow such as Candy ($21).  
You have the option to use false lashes, try the 1/4 lenghts to draw your eyes outward and to allow the liner to show.  
Finish off the lid by lining a thin sweep of Blackness cream liner ($21) from the inner corner to the lash line and then complete your cat eye by drawing a straight line from the end point downward to connect.

Complete the look by adding the softest touch of pink to the lips such as Heavenly or Pink Diamonds ($26).

So go ahead, try your Pretty in Pink look. It'll have your crush worshipping the ground you walk on!

Much Love from,

The Artists Within Girls xo

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Teach Me Tuesday-Body Painting

| Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Body painting is an expression of art that has been around for centuries.

Before the use of cosmetic paints, certain cultures would use vegetable dyes, henna, or wet charcoal to paint on their faces and bodies.

Tribes have been using body painting and decorations for centuries to visually associate themselves with their unique customs and values

Jump to present times where cosmetic paints are generally used for face and body painting. 

Kim Kardashian posed nude for W magazine back in 2010. Nude, painted neck-to-ankles in a metallic silver paint.

Artist Gucci Westman was responsible for Kim's 'silver dipped' bod.
Gucci used liquid silver Kryolan paint mixing it with a silver metallic pigment to achieve the liquid silver appearance.

 Sin City, Las Vegas is to home to an annual face painting and body art convention.
Carmel McCormick, the 2012 Winner of the face painting competition created what appears to be a candy monster!

Carmel used the Kryolan aquacolor mixed with water and glycerin to develop the look that impressed the judges. Some judges indicating that "they have never seen anything like it!"
Looks like the seasoned artists/judges learned a little something new from an up and coming artist.

Krolyan body paint seems to be the go-to body paint
Here's why...
1. It is sweat resistant
2. It is durable
3. Smooth texture for easy application
4. Glycerin based
5. Intense colors/pigments

Australia artist Emma Hack camouflages her subjects 

And even this little guy got to be part Emma's fun!

Artists Within offers an Advanced Makeup Diploma program that will teach you face painting, body painting, camouflage painting and so much more!

To learn more, please visit our website under 'courses offered'
Call us at 403.208.0034
Email us at artistswithin@shaw.ca
Follow us on Twitter: @artistswithin
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We look forward to speaking with you!

Much love From,

The Artists Within Artists XO

PS: Don't miss our Students and Models in action at the Calgary Woman's Show April 14th+15th/2012

Check out this great article the Herald ran on the school today!

| Monday, April 2, 2012
European fashion industry career leads to Calgary business


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