Teach Me Tuesday-Vintage, Thrift, and Consignment shopping

| Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out With the old
In with the

You may not know that there is a difference between your fave vintage boutique, your local thrift store and that consignment shop you stumbled into

Learn more about how your shopping addiction can give back to the community or put money back into your pocket

Let's start with Thrift Stores and a brief description of them..

Owned by a charity a portion of sales, or all of the sales revenue, will go to the charity to contribute monetarily to the 'owning charity'
The items in thrift stores are generally donated by individuals who are seeking to rid themselves of dated items, or simply purge to make room for new items or pieces.
Some local YYC thrift stores to check out include,

The Salvation Army
Value Village
Women in need society
Goodwill Industries

Be prepared to sift through racks of clothing to find the diamonds in the rough, they do exist and it is
Oh-so-rewarding when you find it!
Thrift store shopping famous fashionistas include Karen O, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung

Now onto Vintage Shops/Boutiques

A vintage shop or boutique is privately owned
All items in the store have been purchased by the 'buyer' and are being sold at some sort of profitable rate.
The stores' merchandise can come from many different sources but mostly it comes from a rag-house where the 'vintage buyer' can purchase large stocks of clothing/items.
Estate sales, vintage fairs and swap meets are another effective way that vintage shops stock their racks
There are plenty of vintage shops in and around Calgary to check out
A Vintage Affair
Pretty Little Things
Cat's Eye Vintage 
(online mainly)

Mary Kate and Ashley (seen here with Steve Madden) are recognized vintage trendsetters.
Whether they are in authentic vintage clothing or vintage inspired frocks their look always maintains vintage flair!

And finally onto Consignment

Consignment can be defined as places where individuals can sell their used clothing through dealers.
The shop-or dealer-takes a percentage of the profit and give you-the owner-a cut as well.
Generally items on the sales floor have an expiration date of sorts and if they are not sold within that time frame are returned to the owner for no compensation.
Maybe you and that floral muumuu are not meant to part...

Consignment stores in Calgary are abundant

Moda Consignment
Sass Consignment
Trends Clothing Co

Hit up your local vintage boutique, thrift store and consignment shop to see what kind of gems you can add to your closet!

Not only are you saving huge (sometimes on designer items too!), but you are recycling and the hunt for the perfect item is the best treasure hunt a fashionista could ask for!

Before you go, clean out your closet to make room for your new arrivals and donate your old to continue with the circle of fashion life

Much Love From,

Artists Within Gals XO

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Fashion Friday-Festival Fashion Do's and Don'ts

| Friday, July 20, 2012

We've seen the likes of many different festivals world wide this year
And they're not over yet!

 Festivals have turned as much about the fashion as they are about the music sans runway
With the prying eyes of fashion bloggers and photographers you best be looking your best and on top of your game as you never know if you'll be the star of an impromptu photoshoot!

Let's start with the Do's of festival fashion, hair and makeup

First off, wear sunscreen!

Sunglasses are a must; Friends don't let friends go out without sun g's

And a little lip balm to keep your lips kissable
...You never know who you may encounter (...lead singer perhaps?!)

Fashion must remain practical
This is a DO when it comes to festival fashion
Sky high heels and micro mini's are best left at the cocktail party

Flat shoes, cut off shorts, and a long sleeved shirt over a tank is festival fashion perfection
You'll be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way; and you never know what she'll hand to you in YYC

Zoe Kravitz and her handsome burly sidekick know what festival fashion, in the heat, is all about

Festival makeup should be kept to a minimum
A punch of color on the lids is cute. Natural lips and a glowing complexion make a statement all on their own

Or keep it soft and natural with a pinky lip for a different kind of impact
The makeup is a DO ...the feather head piece would fall under the DON'T category

Since we are sticking with practicality, hair should also be just that.
Practical and suitable for the day's events but still pretty and stylish, of course.

Instead of the traditional top knot or messy bun, why not try a braided 'top knot'
And with your pop-o-color lids it's beauty!

Protect yourself against heat stroke by blocking the sun out!
A pretty side braid with the floppiest of summer hats is practical and boho beauitful

Now for the DON'Ts of festival fashion

Don't leave home without waterproof mascara
Alice Cooper will be calling wanting his makeup back

Don't cut up your mom's retro tea towel and make it into a "shirt",
...And Don't leave your top button of your jean shorts undone
(What were you thinking Emma Roberts??)

Don't be 'that girl'
...errr, you get the point!
Keep it classy ladies and gentlemen

Calgary Folk Fest happens next weekend
Keep all these rules in mind when preparing your look and have fun!

Happy Friday Fashion Folk

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Fashion Junkies

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Trending Thursday-Cream Eyeshadow

| Thursday, July 19, 2012

Creamy lids that beat the heat

...Apply, set and go!

Laura Mercier's sheer crème eye color blends like a dream and sets to a matte finish
Available in hues that compliment all eye colors

Nars' gorgeous cream eyeshadows are vivid, lightweight and easily blended
Layer for deeper intensity or apply a subtle wash of color

MAC Paints allows you to create a smooth, crease free, slightly shiny, reflective look to the lids with their high performance eye shadow product that goes on creamy and dries to a powdery finish

Benefit cream shadows in a pot give you the chance to xix and match their beautiful colors for a crease proof, smudge proof finish
Beautifully blend-able with the ability to layer to customize your look

Estee Lauder's double wear stay-in-place shadow créme-Flawless through heat and humidity and lasts up to 15 hours!
This fab formula ranges from matte to demi pearl to create anything from a natural to dramatic look

Helpful hint from the pro's:
Check to see if your cream shadow sets. If it doesn't, simply apply a translucent powder or  a matching powder shadow color over top. This prevents creasing and prolongs wear!

So go ahead and try some cream shadows; you've got nothing to loose and everything to gain!

To learn more about Artists Within Makeup Academy and the courses offered, contact us. We'd love to hear from you

Much Love From

The Artists Within Gals

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Teach Me Tuesday-Kevin Murphy, the products and the man behind them

| Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We have all tried and tested different hair products that promise to give us everything we ever wanted and more in our hair

...unfortunately many products are all talk, do not deliver, and we end up resorting to a messy bun

Well search no more! 
Kevin Murphy has solved all of your hair woes with his line of exceptional hair products that do EXACTLY what they say they are going to do with out building up, weighing down or leaving us little option but for a messy bun.
Let us introduce you to the man...

Kevin Murphy is one of the worlds most respected and sought after hairstylists.
With a long career spanning fashion, runway, editorial and film; everyone wants to work with him or be worked on by him!

Many iconic styles that we are seeing today on celebrities, in magazines, and TV are the result of Kevin Murphy's magic hands.

Let us show you some product must-haves for jealous worthy locks

Starting with the hair resort lotion...

Described as a 'texturiser for a messy beach look that defines long and fine hair'
 Oil free, so not to weigh the hair down, this sexy surfer style defies gravity

Spoil yourself with conditioned, smooth, shiny hair; use Young.Again!

Young. Again adds shine and protects your hair from hot tools along with our harsh environment 
A staple in all hair kits, closets and cabinets!

Shake and Sprinkle
...That's all it takes to use one of our absolute fave Kevin Murphy products


This little product has often tried to be imitated and duplicated but has never been successful.
Kevin Murphy's is by far the best product of it's kind on the market

Used as a powder volumiser, this product will give you volume and texture that just does not quit!
Offering a little grit to 'too clean hair', lifeless locks will jump into action with just a little sprinkle

And to finish all styles off, a little hairspray is needed...
Mr.Murphy has got that covered too

Session.Spray is a strong hold finishing spray that provides weightless, lasting hold to any style creation

These 4 products do not even begin to scratch the surface of cool products Kevin Murphy has to offer

Come in to Artists Within, we carry the whole Kevin Murphy line, and stock up on all your hair care needs and wants!

Happy Hair days for all and don't forget to register for your summer/fall courses at Artists Within!

Much Love from,

The Artists Within 'hair snobs'

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Fashion Friday-Impressing 'The Dogg'

| Friday, July 13, 2012

The last weekend weekend of Stampede has arrived and so has one of the most anticipated musical acts
...that's right Snoop Dogg is in tha house!

The 'Doggfather' will be playing on the holyest day of the week, Sunday (July 15). 
Playing in the Cowboys tent (sold out show), this event will go down in many people's history books!

Of course being Friday and having an event in our city as crazy cool as Snoop Dogg, we HAD to post about it. 
Being Fashion Friday, today we bring to you your fashion guide for the sold out Snoop Dogg concert

Here we go!

3 looks-hair, makeup, and clothing

Rihanna, spotted at Coachella this year, sporting vintage Levi cut off jeans decorated with studs. Add a PEACE mini tank and this out fit would be more than appropriate for the Dogg's show.

Shop the look...

Peace Tank available at H&M $17.95
Denim Shorts- H & M $24.95

Another option for shorts are, of course, leather/pleather

Leather shorts H&M $24.95
Available at H&M $34.95
Accessorize with this cruelty free dalmatian print bag

A clean, sleek ponytail looks great and keeps you nice and cool while jamming out!

Bronzed skin, winged liner and a bon bon colored pout 

Look # 2

TLC was a HUGE fashion influence in the 90's

Fashion has come in full circle and is very much influenced by these looks today-especially the harem pants! LOVE!

Shop the look!
H&M $24.95
H&M $14.95
H&M printed harems $19.95
Put all this together and what do you get?
...A smokin' hot, 90's inspired, Snoop Dogg approved outfit...and all for under $60!

Color yourself pretty with punchy, pretty makeup

Casual, straight hair is great for this look to ensure your overall appearance isn't too busy

Look #3

Sticking with the harem pants, going a little more 'rocker grunge', our last look ROCKS!

Shop the look!

H&M $34.95
H&M $17.95
H&M $19.95

Messy smokey eyes fit the look

Accessorize your locks with a fashion turban
H&M $59.95
...and complete it all with a black and gold studded doctors bag

Happy Friday fashion fiends and Snoop Dogg fanatics!

We leave you with this...

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Dogg's

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