Playing Makeup with Jill Belland on BT

| Monday, March 31, 2014

Introducing the launch of AW03 Maquillage

The buzz is flying around the offices of Artists Within Makeup Academy! After months of planning, working, tweaking, styling, colouring and design, our own makeup line has finally arrived. May we present AW03 Maquillage!

Heres a little fun fact about the name AW03:

AW = Artists Within       03 = the year that the academy started

maquillage |ˌmäkēˈ(y)äZH|
maquillaged adjectiveORIGIN Frenchfrom maquiller to make up, from Old French masquiller to stain.

We ran over to the BT studios the other morning and joined Jill Belland to have a little makeup play time. Is it as easy as it looks to apply makeup like a pro? Watch the clip to find out: 

We think Jill rocked it!!

Here's what we used:
                                                     Eye Primer                Eye Primer Brush
A makeup artist always primes their canvas, in this case, the eyelids. Using the 'Cream' brush a small amount of 'Eye Primer' is washed over each lid. This takes away all of the redness and unevenness on the lid giving a smooth even base which also prevents your shadow creasing or disappearing throughout the day. Multifunctional!
                                       Brow Pencil in Soft Brown       Mascara Wand                   
 Jill Blends the brows upward and outward before filling in with the Brow Pencil using light feathery strokes. Be sure to brush thorough afterwards also to blend everything together.

                                       Liquid Illuminator   Cream Brush   Highlighting Pencil 
 Next step is to highlight the eyes. First we applied a touch of liquid illuminator to the inner eye area using our 'Cream' brush again {looks great on cheek bones too!} Next step was to run the highlighting pencil around the inner eye. This is one of my favourite tricks! Brightens and whitens the eyes instantly, who doesn't need/love that!! Also use a smidge under the brow smudging with your finger which creates the perfect subtle highlight.
1                        2                      3
 Now Jill uses a combo of these brushes and the 'Spring Fling' palette immediately below to the left. Using the 'Crease' {brush #1} apply a wash of the lilac shade over the upper lid, blending all over. Next step is to use the 'Mini Smudger' {brush #2} and apply the same shade all under the lower lashes. The final step is to use the 'All Over Eye Blender' {brush #3} to phase everything together {don't apply colour to this brush just use it to work it all together and get rid of the edges}

Spring Fling Pallet            Lip Gloss in Nougat  
1            2            3            4            5
6             7            8           9           10
Now you didn't see this in the video as we ran out of time but using #5 from our most popular 'Blush Palette' in Neutral and the bronzing brush below apply a touch of colour to the apple of the cheeks. I love the Bronzing brush for this as it gives a really pretty defused wash of colour to the skin. The tone of the blush needs to stay fairly neutral with this look or it takes on a candy floss feel, instead give off a Chic Cool Vibe using the coolness of the eye paired with a warm or neutral cheek and lip colour. 

      Lip Brush                   Bronzing Brush

The final touch is a slick of Lip Gloss in Nought as seen above. And there you have it, a Chic & Cool Vibe for the spring we're sure to have in YYC one day!

Check back to see our online store and video lesson packages coming really really soon!

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Much Love,

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S /S 14 is about options and versatility

| Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring here in YYC looks a little something like, well, Winter. *Le Sigh*
We are grasping at any thing to distract us from our depleting levels of vitamin D and our deep onset of seasonal depression.
 S/S14 Fashion Trends is just the distraction we were looking for

From L-R: Derek Lam, Proenza Schouler, Jenny Packham, Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Delpozo

From L-R: Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Rebecca Taylor
From L-R: Valentino, Fendi, Paul Smith
From L-R: Lanvin, Gucci, Fendi
All signs point to Spring / Summer 2014 being chic & wearable.
Pretty & Pastel
Gorgeous AnD Graphic
Luxurious & Lustrous
Like Rock'n'Roll, black & white will never die. Go ahead and pair the obvious two together, creating an ultra sleek finish.
Pastel hue's are back with vengeance. Seen in makeup, wardrobe and hair this trend is a must have 
Abstract prints make a bold statement. Remember the KISS principle when choosing this seasonal trend.
Igneous attire help to heat up those chilly YYC Summer nights 

S / S 2014 is about versatility, appealing to all fashion folks of varying fashion strokes.

Tell us your love / hate relationship with S/S 2014
Stay tuned to our blog - weekly posts are coming your way!

Much Love,

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