Fashion Friday-Ringing in the New Year!...And AW get's to the bottom of Santa's identity

| Friday, December 23, 2011

Only 2 more days(!) until Jolly Saint Nic wiggles down your chimney. If you are chimney-less, he'll be walking right through your front door or breaking a window for entry; either way, he's gettin' in! Santa is the only stranger we welcome into our homes AND provide cookies and milk to say "Thanks for trespassing".

Who is Santa, really??!


He could be this which case I'll be waiting at the fireplace with a tire iron

All the paranoia and conspiracy theories aside, our team at Artists Within created a New Year's look that will have all the boys, and some girls, wishing Santa brought YOU for Christmas instead of that lousy knit vest. 


We've got your hair inspiration with tips and tricks from the pro's, the perfect Holiday makeup, and the outfit...OMG the OUTFIT! GORGEOUS!!!!!

Ok, let's get started! Our Hair :)

The look we pulled for hair takes a bit of skill and A LOT of patience! We are going to learn to do those classic, beautiful FINGER WAVES.


Take a deep breath, grab a comb, maybe a glass of wine, and get comfy. The biggest thing to remember is to make sure the hair is  SATURATED WITH PRODUCT! If you think there is enough gel in your locks, thats it's saturated enough, its not, add more. The rule "less is more" does not apply to creating fingers waves. 

Make sure to have an idea of what you want the overall style to be; what you want to achieve. If you have long hair, I would recommend waving only part of the hair and creating a nice, loose updo in the back. A low bun perhaps? You decide.


"X" marks the highest point on your head. From there, section the hair straight down to the top of your ears. Tie the hair that is behind your front section back to keep it out of the way. 

Part your hair to your preferential side, take a sip of your desired beverage and let's get started.

Step one: Start by combing your hair forward, the hair is pressed down near the part with the left hand. Draw the hair towards the brow with your comb making a sharp ridge that is held together by the middle finger and pointer finger. Once you are satisfied with the "C" wave you have created, clip it in the inside of the "C" to hold it all in place. (The first "C" should be backwards because we are ultimately creating an "S". Confused? Read on.)

Step two: Do the same as step one, except instead of combing the hair forward, we are going to draw the hair back creating the same "C" shape. Once you have this shape created, clip it to hold in place. You should see the result of two "C"s coming together creating an "S". 

Step three: Continue this pattern until all the desired hair has been waved into many little  "S"s. Now leave it alone to set, probably a couple of hours. If you have  a "hood dryer", grab your fave mag, maybe a nail file/polish and plop yourself under the heat. Relax and Enjoy!


If you choose to use a blow dryer to speed things up, use the LOWEST setting to ensure your hard work is not disrputed by overpowering man-made wind! Using a hair net is also another way to protect the pattern from being disrupted.


This should help you to visualize the "S" shape that must be created. 

Your locks are drying into happy little "S"s atop your head and your face is fresh, begging for a little glitz and glam to ring in 2012! 

Here we go, your MAKEUP!

We are going to do a little Silver and Gold; perfect for the holiday season.

Here is your Silver....

A little smokey liner to add more punch! BAM! (Refer back to our "Smokey Eye" post for a refresher tutorial)

Nude Lip? Bold lip? It's up to you!.....

We've got GOLD people! For the Diva in all of this, a little BLING for your lids...



And a beautiful combination of both...


Your hair should be getting close to dry, but leave it for a little longer while we put our garments on!

Check out this dress by Mikael Aghal; it's on SALE! 

Your shoes...Spulge with some Christian Louboutin diamond heels

And a sassy clutch for our necessary items (lipstick, mirror, tissue, ID, $$$, flask)

Clutch also by: Christian Louboutin


To finish our hair, we are going to remove the clips and brush away from the face.This is going to soften the waves; taking away the "crunch" left by the gel. (FYI:"crunchy hair is a HUGE no-no. Don't do it.It's not good.) If you're feeling it's a little flat, add your Powder.Puff (Kevin Murphy $39) for some oomph and of course Session.Spray (Kevin Murphy $32) to keep everything in place.

When completed, it'll look a little something like this...


So there you have it! You'll be ringing in the New Year in the utmost glamour and beauty! 

Remember to keep it classy this New Year's ladies; we don't need any smeared lips or running mascara. Save it for "That Girl" because you know she'll be there!

So have fun, eat lots, be merry and gratious, relax, and enjoy the Holiday season with your friends, family and loved ones!

We would like to thank everyone for a great year at Artists Within!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from,


Everyone at Artists Within xoxo


Please Note: Artists Within will be closed December 24/11-January 2/12. We'll be back 'atter on January 3rd/12.


Fashion Friday-

| Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Friday again and you know what that means!!! Incase you don't know, we're here to tell you! 

...Every Friday the team of session hair stylists, wardobe stylists, and makeup artists at Artists Within come together to create wearable, hair, habiliments (new word! Introduce it into your vocabulary) and makeup that flow so nicely together that the rivers and oceans will be jealous!

Let's mix it up a bit this week and start with our HABILIMENTS :o)

Crystal's pick this week will have you purrring, meow!

OMG this dress! Get that on your body now! Thank you Rachel Zoe for creating another little piece of heaven!

Dress by:Rachel Zoe; shop Rachel Zoe at or The Bay

Since it is winter and we are in Canada, let's warm ourselves up with, what else?!? A fur vest by Diane Von Furstenberg of course!

Vest by:Diane Von Furstenberg; shop DVF at

We'll most definitely be trudging through the snow at some point so lets do it in style with a pair of Rachel Zoe's boots...don't trudge too far though, limo's were invented for a reason!

And we are going to finish it off with this beautiful ruby turban from Zara. A little punch of color to pay homage to our jewel tones this season.


Since out outfit is so WOW!, we are going to keep our makeup simple and natural to ensure that our clothing is the focal point of this look.

Natural makeup can often times be more difficult to achieve than our smokey eyes or more dramatic makeup. But don't worry about it, Artists Within is here to tell you how to do it and do it like the pro's!

To acheive this look, start with your neutrals or earth tones; organic. Try our PRO Naturalist quad ($49). This quad is a must have! You've got your matte neutrals that can be used to create these natural looks or can be applied a little heavier to achieve a beautiful matte smokey eye. (Review last weeks smokey eye tutorial) Essential I tell ya, E-SSENTIAL! Now dust your cheeks, nose and chin lightly with a matte bronzer (safari matte bronzer;$42) to add a little warmth to your skin like this Balmain model did.Keep the lip natural with a soft pink lip stick (lip rouge #5; $26) or your fave lip balm.

Here is another version of our natural makeup look. This Chloe model has a slightly different finish to her base. Easily created with a light contour in the hollows of the cheeks (right below the cheek bones) and a highlighter on the cheek bones to make them stand out! Contour with the same matte bronzer as above and highlight with our PRO highlighter in Hush of Pink ($42). Keep the lips consistent with the look above.

This Dolce and Gabbana model has kept a natural look but has added a little black liner just above the lash line for something extra. Even though there is liner, this would still be considered a natural makeup look. Add a little color to the lips, try PRO lip rouge #12 ($26). Contour with our matte bronzer we love so dearly, highlight your cheekbones and BAM!, you're done.


Since we are wearing our ruby turban, we're going to leave our locks down.

You can easily create this by adding a little texture spray, try Kevin Murphy's Texture.Master ($31) and by simply wrapping your hair around the barrel of your curling iron. Remember,  the barrel size will dictate your curl. Smaller the barrel tighter the curl. For this look you'll want to use a barrel that is 1" or thicker. Run your fingers through the waves/curls to tossle and loosen them a bit. This creates a less contrived curl that appears to be effortless.

Alexa Chung (love her!) has created a similar look for the shorter haired femme's. Finish both looks off with your Session.Spray (Kevin Murphy $32).

 We found the look put all together with a few minor variations for you to see, check it out!


So get your fur (faux for the cruelty free fashion folks) find a dress, strap your feet into your boots, curl/tossle your mop, put on your face and get to where you are going in style! You can thank us at Artists Within later.


Much Love from,

Your Artists Within Peeps xoxo

Our graduates do awesome work. We like to bragg!

| Thursday, December 15, 2011

Artists Within Makeup Academy runs 12 week full time/20 week part time makeup artist diploma programs with an International certificate (ITEC). ITEC is an internationally recognized certificate (recognized in 36 different countries!) and Artists Within is the ONLY makeup academy to provide these qualifications in Canada. We are a post secondary institution running our diploma and certificate programs year round with a high success rate among students and graduates. 

The team at Artists Within work very hard to prepare students for entry into the world of makeup+fashion. We are here to support our students 100% in their careers! We are very proud to educate such talented, driven individuals!

We are SO proud in fact, that we are are going to show off the recent workings of our students/graduates! 

Makeup and hair was done by Nikki. She graduated from both our full time session hair styling diploma program along with the full time makeup artist diploma program with international certificate (ITEC). 

This shoot was inspired by DIOR Fall 2011...

 What came of the inspiration...gorgeous!

hair and makeup by: Nikki 

Photographer: Stefanie Villeneuve


Thats not all! Another graduate of Artists Within, Masie, has been a busy little bee working along side Kelly Mulner and his team to create some really great pieces of art. 

Here's a looksy...

Makeup by: Masie

Photographer:Kelly Mulner

Model:Samantha from AW Models International


And last but not least, Alyssa's work! Alyssa successfully completed our makeup artist diploma program. She too knows the importance of building a strong portfolio. Doing creatives with Kelly Mulner and his team has definitely helped her achieve just that!

You be the judge...

Makeup: Alyssa

Photographer:Kelly Mulner

Model: Jessica from AW Models International


There you have it! A sneak peek into what Artists Within's graduates are creating after successfully completing our programs. 

We take our students education extremely serious. If you are serious about being educated in all areas of the fashion industry; makeup, session hair styling, fashion styling, advanced makeup, airbrush makeup/techniques, and eyelash extensions please come visit us! We would love to meet you and show you around our Academy! 


Tune in tomorrow for FASHION FRIDAY!!!! We, at Artists Within, will inspire and WOW you with head-to-toe wearable fashion, makeup and hair looks. Watch for it every Friday!


Happy Thursday!

Love from,

The Artists Within Team xo












Fashion Friday-Smokey eyes done right, pretty-messy hair and flapper flair!

| Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas parties are in full swing, carols are infiltrating the radio and dominating speakers, lights are shining bright; twinkling with glee, the malls are choas and Santa will be shimmying down your chimney in only 16 days...not that we're counting...

While Santa and his elves prepare for the biggest event of their year, the team at Artists Within has created yet another killer look to inspire you this weekend and for all weekends to come.

Two Words: Smokey.Eyes

Everyone loves the smokey eye but it can go very wrong very quickly resulting in a look that will make Ozzy Osbourne's makeup look good.

This is how NOT to do a smokey eye

Follow these tips and tricks from Artists Within's pro make up artists and acheive a set of gorgeous smokey eyes!

The most obvious way to do a smokey eye is with black and greys. This is really beautiful on the right person, but is quite harsh on most. To soften the look try using brown, beige and taupe. Or step outside the smokey eye box and use some color. Remember jewel tones are huge this season, why not try sapphire inspired smoke? Or what about Amethyst? Emerald green never hurt no one! 


Don't forget to apply your eye base (i-prime $21) for long lasting, "stay put" color! Start by lining the eye with your desired color of pencil, and smudge upwards and outwards using your smudge brush ($26). With your medium colored shadow, PRESS your color in to the lid using your large shadow brush ($34). Highlight the brow bone with your lightest color...or not. That's up to you. If you do highlight, use a matte color. Matte keeps it classy. Now BLEND my pretties! Blending will make or break your smokey eye; use your contour brush ($45) in circular motions to soften any lines that were created during application.


Finish off with a pale pout to make your eyes the focal point...or be daring and add some color! Add a little blush on the apples of your cheeks and up the cheek bone for that "just blushed" look. If you are unsure of where to place your blush, smile at yourself...your apples are the plump part of your cheek that Grandma squeezes when she see's you.

Now stand back and take a look at what you created; impeccable, dazzling smokey eyes! 



Now for our hair! Add some texture to your locks for easy manipulation using Kevin Murphy's Powder.Puff ($39) or Texture.Master ($31). This will offer light hold along with the grit needed for full control when styling.

Add a little back combing for some volume. Less is more ladies! Snooki has her trademark hair, let's let her have it and keep it for herself!  If you have long locks, pull all your hair over to one side and start braiding. Remember to keep it loose and "pretty-messy". This creates an effortless look without it being too overdone. Try braiding the hair different ways; braiding your sections under each other will create a more defined braid. Sections over top one another will create a subtle, more traditional braid. 



If you know how to fishtail braid, do that for something different. If you want to learn how to, Artists Within offers a diploma program for session hair styling where you will learn all different braiding techniques and more! Visit the website for more information

For the gals with shorter hair that don't have the luxury of a ravishing braid, try a coiffed, messy low bun. This too will offer elegance without looking over done. Back comb a bit, use the same products used for the side braid and start pinning hair where you want the bun to reside. Easy Peasy.

Spray both styles with Session.Spray ($32) to finish it off; to hold it all in place.

Save the best for last! Let's get dressed!

Artists Within's lovely stylist and designer, Crystal McKenzie, never seems to fail us with her eye for exquisite style.

First this...little black dress.....

Then this over top to add some 40's inspired flapper flair....

Fashionable footwear is essential, try these....

And finish it off with some little fringe earrings to compliment our look

One makeup, two hair, three outfit, four get out the door and start strutting what your Mama (and Artists Within) gave you! 

 Artists Within will be featured on CTV's morning show MONDAY, DECEMBER 12 showing holiday looks and giving professional tips to keep you looking and feeling your best this Holiday season! Watch for it!

Have a great weekend doing whatever you are doing, stay safe (checkstops are out in full;take a cab) and take one last glance of yourself before walking out the door....You look good!!!

Lots of love and holiday cheer from,

The Artists Within Team


Fashion Friday-60's inspired beauty

| Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend has come which means outings, events, parties, and dates!

The weekend fun always calls for weekend dress up! Once again, our wonderful stylist Crystal McKenzie pulled a gorgeous outfit to get you inspired; We've got your makeup look, and your hair style to make you the whole package!

To start, set your hair in large rollers; don't forget your heat protector if you're using hot rollers (Kevin Murphy-Damage Manager $28.00)

One day dirty hair usually is more cooperative. That doesn't mean go out with greasy locks, no! If you're feeling a little greasy, do not fret, Artists Within and Kevin Murphy has got your back. Stop by Artists Within and pick up a can of Fresh.Hair dry shampoo ($27.50). Spray this in your hair, at your roots and voila! Its like magic! You're hair will now look clean and smell wonderful. If its just a little powder you need, pick up Kevin Murphy's Powder Puff ($31). This will provide dance proof, kiss proof, drama proof, all night long volume!

Leave your hair to set the in rollers while doing your makeup. This will allow the hair to form the perfect curl while keeping your hair out of the way for your makeup app. 

Next up, your makeup! Let's get groovy with a little winged liner and a nude lip.

Black liner is only one option when considering your "wings". Maybe try blue...or green..what about purple? Play around and see what you like best! Lashes anyone? Thats what I thought! If you are applying lashes, ensure this is done BEFORE you apply your liner.


This is just one way to creat e 60's inspired look

We are going to leave the lip nude or if you want a little color try a soft pink. To nude the lip out, first make sure your lips are moisturized, dab a little foundation on your pout, line with a nude pencil. Fill the lip in with a nude or soft pink lipstick. Try Artists Within's PRO brand #7 lip rouge (available online $26.00) Apply a light pink (hush pink $26) to the apples of your cheeks for a fresh look or contour for more drama.

Now that your makeup is complete, its time to put some clothes on. 

If its chilly out, put a pair of nude tights/nylons on to protect your stems.

Now let your hair down, run your fingers through your mane; if you want to accessorize, try a thin headband.Spritz with Kevin Murphy's Session Spray ($27.50) and you are ready to walk out that door! 



So now that you have your look this weekend, treat your self to a little relaxation. There is no longer any need to stress over what to wear/how to look; we have taken care of that for you!

Have a great weekend fashion lovers and beauty enthusiasts!

Lots of love,

The Artists Within Team xo

If you are interested in learning how to become a makeup artist, a session hair stylist, or a wardrobe stylist please visit our website. Artists Within offers accredited diploma programs for all these courses. Convenient, we know;o)




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