Fashion Friday-Beach Fashion & Poolside Attraction

| Friday, May 25, 2012

If you have plans to head to the beach anytime soon, make sure you are fully prepared in utmost fashion-
Or alternatively, be the poolside attraction

For many the hunt for a bathing suit can be a dreadful experience
Take a look at the hottest bathing suit trends of 2012; there is something for everyone including coverup's and rompers!

The 2 piece with a classic cut by DVF-Matching romper? Yes, please!

Strapless one piece with cut out back by Tyler Rose swimwear

This mini tank dress is stylishclassic and adorable!

Bathing suit and tank dress available on

For the boho beauty, this patchwork one-piece needs you!

Pair it with this sheer coverup to go with the boho flow

Swimwear and Coverup available on Shopbop.Com

Beach and Poolside makeup

Warm makeup in bronze, gold, and tan is great for the beach and for poolside

Monochromatic makeup in bronze for the carefree, beach beauty

For a little color on the lids, try a cool blue or silver to contrast the warmth of summer

Warm apricot makeup with a 60's winged liner for poolside glam

Keeping the look more subtle for the beach

Hats, Scarves and Headbands

Lots of hats this season for all different styles

Scarves tied in Retro Bows...

Or with a turban flair

For some more scarf tying tips, check out these tips!

And for more scarf ideas, here you go

Happy Friday Everyone!

Love and Sun,

Artists Within XO

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Teach Me Tuesday-Those Eyes, oh my!

| Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blue, Brown, Green and Hazel-
Eyes are said to be the window to the soul

When using colors on our lids, like in wardrobe, there are a few simple rules to follow.
Here are some makeup idea's that anyone can do for individual eye color

For the Brown Eyed Beauty

Pop out those colored contacts and put your brown eyes on display!

Remembering the basic color wheel, (see last weeks post about colorblocking to brush up on some crucial color theory info), and our complimentary colors we know blue compliments brown.
Keep with this simple rule, it's fool proof.

Choosing colors that are neighbors to one another also creates a pleasing effect
Brown eyes, red/orange makeup...

Go the other way on the color wheel and you get into yellow/orange
Opt for a beautiful butter tone for understated impact-when keeping the eyes subtle, punch up the lips with something bold

For the Blue Eyed Dames

Blue being complimentary to brown, brown is also complimentary to blue.
Brown, when paired with blue eyes creates an effect that could stop traffic!

A soft smokey eye in varying hues of brown...head dress optional

Keep the eyes natural to speak for themselves and pump up the lip
On the lid, try a creamy vanilla or shimmery butter for a little kick

Try a mono chromatic look using pinks and corals for lips, cheeks and eyes

For the Green Eyed Gals

Green eyes are rare, so if you got 'em flaunt 'em!
Working with warm tones like golds, browns and bronze we compliment the uniqueness of this eye color

Lavender, periwinkle, royal purple and Aubergine (french for eggplant) are all great choices to commemorate green eyes

A fail proof way to go with any eye color is black.
Try a dramatic winged eyeliner to get your point across

For the Hazel eyed Hottie

Hazel eyes, like green, are rare and striking. Keeping the makeup simple will ensure optimal impact when others gaze into your "window"

Using a monochromatic scheme with a soft smokey liner on the eyes and a pink lip is just what these hazel peepers need.

A slightly bolder, more defined black liner with a wash of shimmer on the lid is perfect

So whatever color of eyes your got, work with them!
Let your eyes do the talking for they say so much

Much Love From,

Artists Within group of Gals

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Fashion Friday-For the graduating fashionista's

| Friday, May 18, 2012

Grad season is here

If you have earned your 100 credits through your high school career, you're graduating!
That's the easy part...

...The hard part is, what on earth are you going to wear to stand out from the other 100's of grad's? 
What about your makeup? Hairstyle?

Don't worry, we have got you covered this grad

Sequins, Gold, Silver and Glitter-whatever you choose you're sure to sparkle and shine!

All dresses available at

Messy hair is the new pretty!
Try these do's for grad this year and you'll be the belle of the ball.
Braids, faux bob's and top knots keep it classy, elegant and oh so appropriate for grad!

Now makeup to tie the whole look together
Keep it appropriate for the occasion with pink lips, winged liner, soft smokey eyes and, of course, lashes to make those peepers POP!

If you are graduating this year and you are still in need of a hairstylist, makeup artist or wardrobe stylist contact Artists Within. We do all that! 
403.208.0034 or

Congratulations to all the grad's!
...Welcome to the real world...

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Belle's

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Trending Thursday: Summer Color for the Kisser

| Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make a statement with your lips this season

Luscious lips glazed in Luminous Shine!

Pastel Pouts with a Matte Finish

Today we bring to you 5 of our favorite lips colors, tones and textures to try this Summer

Luscious berry hues are where it's at this summer! This lip is the perfect fit for all the color in clothing this season.

Nars Como in Shimmering Berry.

Try teaming this juicy shade with bronzed makeup or even with an electric blue eyeliner for serious impact

 MAC-Sailor Collection

Orange is the new hot shade of the season-the perfect addition to a pretty sundress and tanned skin

Yves Saint Laurent-Color 8 Orange De Chine

With a gloss this bold, keep the rest of your makeup minimal to allow your lips to shine!

Want beautiful sheen with minimal color?
Try Bobbi Brown's Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Violet Pink

This pretty lilac shade is prefect to add a touch of color to a natural look. Or play on the 
Barbie-esque feel and work it into a cool pallet of blues or girly pinks

Scream SUMMER with a gold hued gloss

Dior-Addict Ultra Gloss in Gold Sunrise

Perfectly paired with a sun kissed glow or try it with a warm smokey eye in brown shades for the evening with a touch of gold highlight on the cheekbones.
See what happens when you add gold to your orange pout..Remember to keep the gold as a highlight though, so apply only to the centre of the top and bottom lips.

Baby Pink gloss (#504) by Giorgio Armani-Pretty and fresh, long wearing and not sticky! A mastered formula

 For those who love dramatic eyes, baby pink gloss will create the perfect balance.

A variety of lip colors for a variety of styles!

Much Love,

Artists Within Dames

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