Fashion Friday-Our very own, Erica, and her favorite things

| Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Erica

Erica teaches our full time and part time makeup diploma programs.
She is also an extremely talented artist in makeup, hair, painting and all things creative!
Check out her portfolio

Today we bring to you some of Erica's favorite things in fashion right now

Erica LOVES sequins! 
With many years of her youth spent figure skating and in dance, it's no wonder the glitz of sequins speaks to her...or maybe it was the influence of Michael Jackson/Prince/Madonna and disco music.
Either way, it's one of her faves!

A cute sequined top with a neutral bottom is fun and not too showy-afterall we aren't Cher working it on stage!

Erica was born in the 70's so it's no surprise that she loves the 'Boho Chic' look

Erica is also a huge fan of food so this boho, snackin' beauty is screaming Erica's name!
Before she was in the artistic world, Erica worked the corporate world (in finance). She now rebels against 'The Man' and has vowed to never wear pantyhose to work again! 

'Love not War' is a good motto to describe Erica's loving nature; works prefect for the 60's inspired makeup that Erica is drawn to

Sexy and feminine
The peach and navy combo is one of Erica's all time fave color duo's!

Growing up having to have short hair because, well let's face it our parent's made that call when we were young, Erica has grown her hair long in order to do everything she ever wanted to but couldn't because of the restrictions of short hair.

Keeping in mind Erica's boho love, the easy practicality of the loose tied back braid is definitely one of her favorite things!

Like any other girl, no matter their style, there is a glamorous side.
Erica definately has a glamorous side to her which shows in her love for the 'beehive' (and sequins)

There it is, some of Erica's favorite things!

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers!
Happy Friday to the rest of you!

Much Love from,

Erica and the rest of the gang at Artists Within XO

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Fashion Friday-Summer Solstice

| Friday, June 22, 2012

Ah, summer is officially here!

The summer solstice was June 20th this year (most celebrations are this weekend)
With it being the longest day of the year, you are sure to see maxi dresses, tanks, high waisted shorts and party dresses slowly transition from day wear to evening garb

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate surviving winter and welcoming summer, do so in style!


Pair your outfit of choice with pretty pastels on the lids; shimmery lime green or a kiss of lilac with a  nude lip is the perfect compliment. 
The prosecco bubbles and champagne will be following your every move!

What an impact white 'cat-eye' liner has
Paired with a perfect rouge pout, the result is stunning!
Make sure to use a lip liner when doing your lips to avoid any 'bleeding' and to ensure the color lasts as long as the sun is in the sky


Summer solstice clothing is generally kept white, cotton, flowy and free

White shorts with a sheer, flowy top is casual yet dressy. 
The sheer top adds a sexy flair that the shorts wouldn't have on their own. And the shorts make sure you are comfortable all day long

You can never go wrong with a dress!
This vintage-esque, tea length dress is great for any event
Throw a denim jacket on when the temperatures start to drop; you'll still be looking divine!

Add a punch of color to make a vivid statement
(Can we all agree that Kelly Osbourne's hair color is incredible??!)

Styles for your Hairs

Messy, large curls are oh-so beautiful!
Add an accessory like a sun hat or flowers for a real crowd pleaser

Here is that top knot again...and we are still loving it!

2 french braids blending together to create a low bun is an exceptional choice of hair style for a summer solstice celebration...or for any celebration!
Such a beautiful style!

Happy Friday fellow fashionista's and have a great weekend celebrating the arrival of summer,


Much Love,

The Artists Within Ladies XO

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Pretty.Stylish.Fashion Camp 2012

Fashion Friday-Boho Chic

| Friday, June 15, 2012

BoHo Chic reared it's gorgeous head in the early 2000s

Kate Moss' style can be looked at for inspiration of 'BoHo Chic'

 Clothes, Makeup and Hair-we've got it all to transform you into a Boho beauty this weekend!


Try face framing braids to mix up the more 'traditional boho' braid. Give your loose hanging locks a little texture to have an effortless appearance 

A messy braided halo, is so pretty and angelic

A feathered hair accessory is definitely boho chic, so organic and striking!


Compliments of Chloé

Missoni has been doing boho since boho became cool

This sweet little boho chic piece was brought to you by Cavalli

Designers like Cavalli, Etro, Missoni, and Anna Sui have been doing the boho look for years in their collections.
All these looks can take you from day to night by adding accessories and the right shoe!


Smokey eyes in black and browns adds a little drama to the boho babes

Nicole Richie knows boho!

Soft smokey eyes, pink lips and a subtle hue on the cheeks is all you need for this boho makeup look

Get on the boho bandwagon, it's so pretty how could you not??!

Happy weekend everyone!

Peace, Love and fashion from,

Artists Within  XO

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Trending Thursday-Colored Mascara!

| Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get bigger, brighter eyes with colored mascara!

Available in a variety of different hues and brands, there will be one, for sure, that will suit all your lash needs!

Yves Saint Laurent is right on trend with their amethyst mascara in Purple Passion

The perfect contrast for those green eyed gals. Layer multiple coats for a quick color fix without having to get creative with your eyeshadow

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Color Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in Emerald

Try this green hued mascara if you have an olive complexion and hazel or brown eyes. 
Pair this one with a wash of green shadow on the lid, a soft nude blush and lip-This ensures the eyes get all the attention

Benefit’s BADgal mascara in Blue

is one of the hottest shade for lashes! 
Blue hues are fabulous with brown eyes-really accentuate their depth. 
With a bright color ensure the rest of your makeup appears mute to avoid overkill.

Chanel Inimitable Volume in Brown

Don’t forget the ever-popular brown hued mascara
So great for a pretty natural look or paired with blue eyes to create intensity and contrast. 
Due to the subtly, try pairing with a pretty pink cheek and lip.

Shiseido MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Gorgeous Wing in NEO RED

For the daring trend setter, try red mascara!
Make a statement with a monochromatic look like the one seen above- red liner, mascara and lip!

If you have been trepidacious about jumping on the colored mascara bandwagon, start subtle and build your way up. There are lots of choices out there so be as wild or tame as you're feeling that day!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within 'trendsters'

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Reporting From Artists Within Head Quarters

| Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's been busy around the Artists Within headquarters

We've been on TV, we've been winning makeup competitions (!), we've been on set, and we've walked the runway ; needless to say we've been getting around!

Last week you may have seen THE Mr.Carl Abad on BT with handsome AW Models showing off some spring/summer garb

If you missed seeing the handsome men and their summer wear, check out some still shots...

From top- Jonathon, Pepe, Alessandro

A few weeks ago we told you about Artists Within Alumni Helen Kwan. She competed in the ABA makeup competition and the last time we reported we were still awaiting the results...



Artists Within was part of a 'first' at this year's Lilac Festival. 
The Lilac Festival has been around for 23 years and have never had a fashion show! 
Artists Within and AW Models Int'l changed that this year with the help of SHE Apparel, ChiChi Couture, Passioné and AW's very own model and independent designer Ashley Quan with her line Apiana Que

Want to get involved with everything cool that we do??
Here are a few ways to do so...

We offer diploma programs in makeup, session hair styling, wardrobe styling and advanced makeup.
We offer certified programs in airbrushing and eyelash extensions

Send some shots (minimal makeup please- 1 head shot, 1 full body wearing jeans, tank top, heels)
 to our head model agent at

Pretty.Stylish. Fashion Camp 2012
For the junior fashionista (12-17 yrs), fashion camp is a great introduction to everything fashion!

Happy stormy Wednesday YYC'ers!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Head Quarters 

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Teach Me Tuesday-Mad Men makeup breakdown

| Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the roaring twenties, the dirty thirties, the fightin' forties, the fabulous fifties, the swingin' sixties and so on, each decade had an individual, iconic style that resonates with fashion still to this day!  

Themed parties are a great way to experiment with looks from different era's and cultures.
Today we teach you (Tuesday) how to achieve 3 makeup looks that can be found on today's hottest "period" drama TV series Mad Men

Although the show is set in the 'swingin' sixties', these ladies are not the ones you find screaming at a Beatles concert. They are the classy wives and secretaries of the corporate 'Mad Men'-a term coined for men in advertising.

Starting with the smokin' hot Betty Draper (January Jones). 
This blonde bombshell, Grace Kelly look alike could stop a speeding train with her sophisticated, classic style and refined beauty.

To achieve this look on yourself, keep your brows structured with a square arch
The focal point will be your eyes...
Bring out those false lashes!
Inner corners of the eyes are silver or a soft blue to highlight
The outer corners of the eyes are lined but instead of a winged look from the 50's a darker eyeshadow has the line softly blended
The contour is strong with emphasis on the outer corner
Finish off with a soft blush on the apples of your cheeks and a nude lip. 
You'll be giving January Jones a run for her money!
Next is the fiery red head, the office's 'girl friday' Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks).
If you can pull your eyes away from this woman's curvaceous bod, you'll notice that her makeup is just as perfect!

  Once again we have a square structured brow
Wash over the lids with a  soft color ( a soft cream or vanilla color would work great!)with a slightly darker crease.
 Enhance the looks with a black eyeliner at the lash line.
 Don't wing it or the 50's will be callin' for their makeup back!
Cheeks are soft in color, try a peach tone to compliment the look
And finish off the look a berry gloss lip to create a kissable pout.

Bump the look up for the evening by exaggerating the contour line to the outer edges of her eyes
The soft line on her bottom lashes is also slightly extended
This look is a great demonstration of 60's makeup!

For a little drama we thought we would introduce to you *spoiler alert if you have never watched Mad Men* Donald Draper's new wife *Scandal*
Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) is the seductive brunette who woo's Donald Draper despite his relationship status being "in a relationship"
Megan Draper, 14 years Donald Draper's junior, is young and vivacious. Beautiful and confident.
A real 60's MOD beauty!

Heavily defined crease is text book 60's, and we LOVE it!
To achieve a 'text book crease' you can use many products from eyeliner, to cream liner to eyeshadow (using an angled, liner or smudge brush). 
Follow around  the outer edge of your eyeball and pull it past your outer corners of the eye.
Lining the top lid-don't forget to line the spine of your false lashes-and the bottom lash line slightly.
Brow shape is structured but the arch is more natural than Betty and Joan's.
Soft pink is epic of the 60's MOD but a berry lip color can be used for a little sophistication.

MAD MEN makeup breakdown complete!

Have fun playing with these looks... 
Word on the street is there is a Mad Men themed party at Belgo this weekend. If your invitation was lost in the mail, show up anyway and tell them Mr. Donald Draper sent you. 
They'll be sure to find your name on the guest list!

Much Love From,

The Mad (wo)Men at Artists Within

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Fashion Friday-Denim Denim Denim

| Friday, June 8, 2012

These are all terms to describe different washes of denim and the process of achieving the individual effects.
Denim has always been a staple item. It's tough in nature and stylish by choice, denim is making a statement this season (and season's to come) with it's versatility and functionality.

Sticking with the format of 'Fashion Friday' at Artists Within, we bring to you makeup idea's, hair style inspirations and wardrobe must-haves!

A pop of color on the lids to match your indigo denim, nude lip, and bronzed cheeks makes for a beautiful look!

A brown smokey eye, especially on blue peepers, is the perfect balance of drama and innate. 
Fuschia blush, bronze contour, clear glossed lips-that's all you need to imitate this beauty!

Another example of blue on brown. It's perfect everytime! 
Minimal effort required to acheive this earth toned look.

Hair to pair (with your denim)

The 'top-knot', as it has been coined, can do no wrong in our books! It can be done in perfect form, or left a little disheveled-either way it's a versatile hairstyle for any occassion!

This beautiful diagonal braid is boho-chic! 
Whether you are going out on the town with some of your besties or riding horseback through Stanley Park alongside one of the 'Housewives of Vancouver', this unique braiding technique will be sure to get you some attention.
Can you figure out how it is done...?

If top knots and mind bending braids are not for you, stick with loose waves that you can run your hands through.
Remember when curling the front sections, curl hair away from your face to create a nice sweep that prevent's being 'drowned or smothered' by your wavy locks.

And for the headliner- The Denim

Young and fresh with her acid wash, strapless denim dress and chunky heels; we're loving this look!
Generally a hater of 'sock'n'sandals', however this outfit may be the one that changes our minds.

The quilted denim one above is by: Rebecca Taylor

Design By Preen

Welcome to the Wild Wild West!
Denim waisted with pleated silk-organza- this maxi skirt is untraditonal and understated
Pair it with a shirt of similar fabric but different pattern to create an evening summer chic number

This denim trench, compliments of Derek Lam (that stylish devil), is the perfect jacket for Spring, Summer and warm Fall days!

Kind of like shrimp (Forrest Gump reference anyone??)-There are so many different ways to wear denim, prepare denim and cut denim...
A great way to experiment with denim is go second-hand. It's inexpensive to try and guilt free if you decide to get rid of your experimental piece.

Get creative and have fun!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within 'Denim Dames'

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For the teen trend setter, this camp is for you!


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