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| Monday, January 30, 2012
It was brought to my attention that for some reason upon posting last weeks Fashion Friday blog all about this years Pantone color, the images didn't post. Someone dropped the ball in cyber space and an error was made.
So here is the images from last weeks blog. So sorry for the error!

Let's start by defining what a "PANTONE COLOR" is and how it works.

"Pantone is a standardized color matching system, utilizing the Pantone numbering system for identifying colors. By standardizing the colors, different m

anufacturers in different locations can all reference a Pantone numbered color, making sure colors match without direct contact with one another."

Every year, a different color is deemed the "Pantone Color of the Year", this is how it's decided...

"The color of the year selection is a very thoughtful process. To arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention."

Now that you know what a pantone color is and how it is chosen, it's time to tell you what this years pantone color is *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*.....

If you haven't noticed already, 2012 is going to be a VIBRANT year! Tangerine has been dominating window displays, magazines, and runways! Being a bright, bold color some of us may be too intimidated to put wear TANGERINE clothing, makeup or hair. But fret no more! Artists Within has put together some makeup, hair and clothing ideas to introduce you to TANGERINE and allow you to drift off into a fluffy cloud of tangerine colored threads and strands, bold lips, brights eyes and traffic stopping cheeks!

This energizing color will add a bright punch to those beaufitul peepers, especially those blued eyed gals- remember your complimentary colors!

All TANGERINE products are available online, in-store or by emailing

Tangerine locks can be high maintenance. Marcia Cross and Christina Hendricks have commited to wearing the bold color and we LOVE IT! It's bright, it's sassy, it's fun but still has a classic beauty to tell!

These two lassies have slightly different tones of tangerine, unique to their individual qualities.


Once you commit, you will love it! Be brave and try it! Pick up your phone, call your color tech and tell them that you want your hair to be the PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR!!

Clothing is certainly less commital than coloring your hair. Crystal has tips on how to wear tangerine and what to pair it with

Start with the dress to add a PUNCH of color! This will be your accent color.

To keep it more casual (and warm) pair it with these leggings...


This jacket...


And these adorable little wedge mules...


So go to the salon, color your hair, get online to , get the garb, come to Artists Within, call/email us to get your tangerine makeup and you are good to go! You will make the PANTONE people so proud!

Happy Thursday, almost Friday!

Much Love,

THe Artists Within "Tangerine" Team xo

Golden Globes:Some got it, others don't

| Friday, January 20, 2012

 The 2012 Golden Globe awards aired on Sunday. All the glitz, glam and excitement of the hottest Hollywood Actors and Actresses coming out to strut their stuff on the red carpet for all our judging eyes to see!

Well, we at Artists Within have some things to say about what we saw on the red carpet! Crystal has pulled some of her fave outfits she saw along with someone who just did not make the cut. Erica will be complimenting those who have their makeup spot on. And then find out who's makeup left Erica screaming at the TV in a fit of makeup-gone-wrong-rage! There were some hairstyles we saw that were gorgeous, had a uniquness to them that worked. But then there some that looked like brushed out bed head. 

So let's take a look at Artists Within's top picks for Golden Globe looks and those who will have to try a little harder next year!

First up, makeup...

We'll start off on a positive note by saying that we LOVE Zooey Deschanel and Nicole Richie. Both ooze with style and minus Nicole's stint on "The Simple Life", and her drug abuse which resulted in wild antics, both are edgy, classy girls  (Let forgiveness in your hearts people. Nicole's a good Mom and wife. We can't say the same about Ms.Hilton, can we?!). We put these gorgeous femme's in a style category all in their own!

Zooey put a modern twist to the 60's look by showing off, once again, her beautiful doe-y eyes...Doe-eyed Zoe-ey, cute!


Nicole puts cute and sassy together to create her red carpet look. She has kept her base soft, countoured her cheeks, kept her lips nude and focused on making her eyes the main attraction! Well done Nicole, you look fabulous!

Now for the Golden Globe makeup gone wrong....

MADONNA! What was this material girl thinking??

With no record of Madonna being a past student at Artists Within, she missed out on learning how to do makeup on "mature skin" (45+ years). Rules change when you are Madonna's age, and she broke most of them! We have this to say to you Madonna...The 80's are long gone, you're not 20 anymore and it is now time to embrace your matte shades and say good bye to your shimmery lids. Are you trying to draw attention to the fine lines that have resided on your eyelids??!!? With your shimmery shadow, you've accomplished just that *applause*

Now onto the hairstyles that had us cheering with joy and the one that had us raising our brow, speculating the possibility, that they weren't aware that there was a red carpet at this notorious event.

We saw quite a few buns atop, a-side, a-back people's heads this year. We adored Kelly Osbourne's that was placed at the base of her head. It was sleek and simple. Her dress was obviously the focal point. She did good by keeping her smokey blonde locks neatly tied behind her to avoid any busy-ness.


Kate Benkinsale piled her chocolate locks up to create a tousled updo that had the right amount of messy texture and the appropriate amount of glamour. 

Now for the one who didn't make our cut for fabulous hair but instead will have to take a verbal beating from us to ensure a look like this never hits the red carpet again...


Heidi Klum, did you know you were coming to the Golden Globes? Were you lounging about with your husband and beautiful kids at home when you received the call from your agent "GOLDEN GLOBES ARE TONIGHT! WHERE ARE YOU??!"  And the only option you had was a flatiron and a little hairspray? It sure appears that way. We like you Heidi, but our love is conditional and if you keep showing up to events with drab hair we may just have to move on from the Klum fan club.

An honorable mention for bad hair at this years Golden Globes goes to Selma Hayek. Girl, your ombre is all sorts of wrong! Some advice to you...ask Jessica Biel who her colorist is that achieved the PERFECT ombre on her. I'm sure she's just dying for you to ask!

 Now onto the garb. What everyone pays the most attention to. One wrong move and it will go down in Golden Globe history to never be forgotten.

We are going to start with Emma Stone's gem of a dress!


Here is Crystal's take on it...

"WOW! One of my favorites of the evening! She is young and hot and the details of this dress are just bang on! It is edgy and space age feeling, but still hot, hot, hot! I have heard others talk negatively about the color, but again, its different, she is young, she is fabulous and took a risk with this dress that has paid off. It is the perfect mix of edge and hotness! The belt also just adds that bit of "extreme" that we all love!" Great job Emma, you get our vote for one of the best!

Ombre-gone-wrong set aside, Salma Hayek's dress was to die for!!!


 The mix of colors, the beading, the length, the fit, everything was perfect! After all, it is Gucci...need we say more?!  The way it glistened on the red carpet was incredible and she wore it with such confidence that it tops our "best dress of the night" list!


Now for the one that fell short on our list of best dressed, Jessica Biel


To begin we want to say Jessica is so absolutely gorgeous! However we believe

this is not the place for this dress! It looks like a BAD wedding

gown from the 80's. Maybe she is doing a trial run before her big day comes...if that's the case, we don't mind if you don't share.

It fails to show her flawless physique and we noticed a weird bulge around the chest area that creates a tri-boob...what a disppointment.

Lace was in last year and we are happy to see bit of it this year, but not in this way!

She needed a stylist for this red carpet event. A designer wouldn't have been a bad idea either to make the necessary alterations (tri-boob?! Really??!)

So Jessica, if you are reading this, Crystal is a FANTASTIC stylist! Hire her and she will make sure that this NEVER happen's again to you for any event!


So there you have it, our Golden Globe best and worst hair, makeup and garb.


Have a great weekend and stay fashionable!




The Artists Within "Golden Globe Specialists" XOX

Happy New Year!

| Thursday, January 19, 2012


Welcome back models!

We hope you’re all staying warm and safe as we endure these few brutal weeks of Canadian winter, but we can’t complain! Down at the offices, the heaters are cranked high and we’ve kicked things back into gear with Open Calls where we met with some great potential talent on Tuesday. Also, last Friday, we sent our models on a casting call with their portfolios in hand for the future clients to view, and we just want to say thanks to all the amazing talent that showed up, we’ve received some fabulous feedback about you all. So keep working hard and getting those shots as we are booking great jobs everyday! 


 Drop in meetings for current and potential talent

 Interested in being a model? Come see us at AW Models International every Tuesday between 3:00-5:30pm or email us at


Calling all AWI Models! If you do not have an AW Models portfolio make sure you let us know via email at so we can put your name down on the order list. These portfolios are the key to storing our photos and presenting at castings, don’t forget- presentation is everything!



We have been fortunate to sign a new, young, fresh face to AW Models International recently and although still in her teens, the future looks extremely bright for this girl. Zoe has ruled the dance industry and recently decided to take on the fashion industry by becoming a model with us! She has already been sent to one casting call, and with a great response from future clients and only weeks of being on the web, she is bound to be the next Gisele!


For Bookings contact:


That's all for now! 




Spring Makeup to inspire the Winter Spirit


This weather is depressing and with Spring no where in sight, except on the runways, we took matters into our own hands by tossing out the Fall/Winter displays at Artists Within and brought in the hottest 2012 Spring/Summer makeup looks to warm our spirits! 

We are seeing the NEON lip again this year, but 2012's neon lip is smack-you-in-the-face BOLD!! 

We've created a display to showcase the look along with the products necessary to mimic it. Take a gander, we dare you...

All products available at Artists Within (822 11 Ave SW) or on our online store 

It's apparent that pastel colors and light metallics are going to be huge this Spring and Summer.

Ralph Lauren and Chanel had thier models sporting pretty pastel hues  

 Such a pretty look; it's perfect for the minimalist that wants to try something new still within their comfort zone

The smokey eye is as classic as the Vidal Sassoon bob . Timeless and striking with endless possibilities!

We are LOVING the blue smokey eyes that made a statement at the Rodarte runway show. It stated "Who said smokey eyes have to be gray and black??!" And we couldn't agree more!

We've got the blue quad, the blue glitter and pigment, the liner and more! All available at Artists Within

We cannot get enough of Alexa Chung and her style! How could we not include her shoot for Vero Moda's Spring campaign??! To see more from this shoot, click here

 Her winged liner is delightful! Her pale pink pout! Her dewy skin! Groomed brows!

We have what you need to create these looks to the T and MORE!

Come visit us at Artists Within to see what has inspired us and to stock up on your Spring 2012 makeup to ensure you are wearing all the hottest looks!

And remember, tomorrow is Friday...FASHION FRIDAY!!! We have a couple of things to say about some of those that attended the Golden Globes...Tune in for that!


The Artists Within Team xo


| Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ever dream of becoming a makeup artist or session stylist? Do you find yourself daydreaming at your desk that you are primping Adriana Lima to walk idow the runway of Victoria's Secret fashion show? Or maybe your daydream is steering you on set, at a photoshoot...

Well take a look at what some of our graduates have been busy creating, maybe this will be the kick start you need to turn your daydream into your reality!


Makeup By:Artists Within Graduate, Masie Photography:Kelly Mulner Model:AW International Samantha

Makeup By: Artists Within Graduate, Alyssa Photography by:Kelly Mulner Model: AW International Jessica

And last but not least...

Makeup By: Artists Within Graduate, Angela Photography by:Kelly Mulner Model:AW International Samantha

So if you are now ready to seriously consider a career in fashion, contact us and we'll help you get there!


We look forward to speaking with you!



Artists Within xo

Fashion Friday-Rolling in the Deep with winged liner and a Fedora

| Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! It also happens to be Friday the 13th, so be careful!

Be mind full of walking under ladders, black cats, shattering mirrors, spilling salt (if you do happen to spill salt, make sure to throw the spilled remnants over ones left shoulder. This eliminates the "unluckiness"), opening your umbrella indoors, stepping on cracks on the sidewalk...the list goes on and on! According to the superstitious, you should probably stay in bed today, and don't get out especially left foot first! (This too, is apparently means for bad luck!)

If you aren't of the superstitious variety and are looking for a little fashion to inspire you this weekend, you came to the right place. This Friday we, at Artists Within, were inspired by the lovely Adele. Not only does she have a gorgeous voice and writes beautiful music, she has a #1 selling record, multiple Grammy's and she's only 24 years old! If that wasn't enough we noticed that she also has one hell of a fashion sense!


You'll be rolling in the deep with this 60's inspired look that the Brit songbird never seems to get enough of!

Someone lock this girl up! Those eyes are enough to melt iceberg B-15

ERICA, Make up Artist and Instructor at Artists Within tells us how to acheive this on..

To create this look we are going to start off with a matte base. Start by priming, always! Prime with Artists Within's Primer ($45). Foundation next..Our Pro PRO Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation ($51) will offer you everything you will need in a foundation, finish with a dusting of our Loose Translucent Powder ($35) setting cream products to allow for all day wear.

Groom your brows with a clean mascara wand. If you need a little shape/color, use your angle brush and a matching pencil or brow powder to accentuate what your Mama gave you!...we're talking brows here people, stay with me!

Let's apply our eye base ($21) to make sure our liner and shadow stay put! After that's done use a light lavender shadow color on the lid. Add a slight crease with the darker violet tones if you feel so inclined to do so!

This PRO Hucklebery pallet is available at Artists Within for $55; not available online.

Now onto that infamous winged liner! It was dubbed "Cleopatra Eyes" and has been seen on Audrey Hepburn (RIP), Amy Winehouse (RIP) in a more dramatic version, it's all over the runway and in magazines and Adele definitely rocks it!

Kristin Stewart graced the cover of W magazine looking rather girly with her groomed brows and dramatic winged liner; purrr!

Instead of the traditional black liner, let's try using our PRO blue smoke ($21; available in store only) to give our peepers a more sultry, smokey feel. "Wing" the liner to create a very dramatic look as seen on Kristin Stewart or a more subtle "wing" as seen on Audrey Hepburn. Different strokes for different folks!

Finish our look off by adding a little color to the apples of our cheeks with PRO blush in Hush Pink ($26) Line your lips with a nude lip liner (bare; $21), fill in with a nude lipstick (barely; $26).

These are the products you will need to create the "Adele look" as we like to call it. All available online or at Artists Within.

It should look a little something like this when its all said and done...




We are going to leave our hair down and natural because Crystal has pulled an adorable fedora to place atop our noggins this week...Add a few loose waves with a large curling iron, a side braid if your hair is long enough, or spray a little of Kevin Murphy's Hair.Resort Spray ($31) to give a beachy, tossled finish to your locks.

This model chose loose waves to go under her Badgley Mischka fedora 

Now lets get dressed!!!!

AW's Crystal Mckenzie has equipped us with a stunner of an outfit this week!


Put it all together and we'll be rolling deep in high fashion, head to toe! 


Hope you enjoyed this week's Fashion Friday! Join us again next Friday for your weekend fashion inspiration from the Artists Within Gals! 


Ciao for now fashionista's!

Much Love,

Artists Within Team xoxo

If you are interested in attending Artists Within Makeup Academy, please contact us. We'd love to chat! or 403.208.0034

Fashion Friday-A helping of Androgyny with that?

| Friday, January 6, 2012

The first FASHION FRIDAY of 2012...and it's going to be a good one!

Androgyny - Andro-" means "man," and "gyn-" refers to "woman."

Androgyny was HUGE in the 90's, and it's making a comeback with a little tweaking here and there.

These ladies know meaning of Androgyny and how to rock it!

The androgynous look's that are popping up in magazines and on the runway can take a turn for the worst real quick if not done properly. Remember, there is still a large element of femininity when putting your Androgenous look together. Lucky for you, with the help of none other than the ARTISTS WITHIN team, you'll have a complete understanding of Androgyny and how to nail the look!

All the ladies rocking the short 'do's, listen, err...READ on!

We are going to start with product, of course. If you've got a little dirty, but not too dirty hair, start with the Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair dry shampoo($32). This will help to absorb some unwanted sebum (new word! Click to learn the definition), dirt and odour...yup odour. READ THE FINE PRINT...

Disclaimer: Kevin Murphy's Fresh.Hair dry shampoo, or any other dry shampoo on the market, is not a replacement for REAL shampoo. In order to maintain a healthy scalp, it too needs to be washed thoroughly with water and shampoo!

If you just washed your hair and are finding that it is too clean, fly-away and soft, spray a little Kevin Murphy Texture.Master($31) to add volume, grit and of course texture.

The model seen here, rocks an androgynous coiffed hairstyle.Create a style similar to this and you've got your androgynous 'do

If your hair is naturally straight, wrap sections of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron to add a little something you may be lacking. Keep it messy, kinda frizzy because that's what we like.

Another version of a similar style....a little more controlled.

If your hair is not cut like the image, don't fret. It as simple as slicking the sides back, and pinning the hair at your occipital bone .(click to learn what bone this is) This is going to almost emmulate a mohawk when pinned.

For the long haired gals wondering how to achieve an androgynous hairstyle, we've go that covered too!

This Anne Klein model slicked her hair back into a low, sleek pony tail.

Remember to finish all styles off with a spritz of Kevin Murphy's Session.Spray($32) to hold your style in place. Hair? Check!

The makeup of an Androgyn-ist...ok, we made that word up, ha!

All the brow lovers out there, here is your time to shine! We are going to PUNCH those brows up to make them full of DRAMA!

Model Raquel Zimmerman know's whats up

Don't forget the composition of your brow to ensure BALANCE people, we need BALANCE!

Keep that pout nude. Tone down your natural lip color with a light, nude lip pencil (bare $21) and our #7 PRO lip Rouge ($26). Finish with a *kiss* of nude gloss (Lip Toxyl $31)

Keeping the base simple, we are going to contour with a pale blush. Try our mineral matte blush in Hush Pink ($26) and highlight those beautiful cheek bones with Hush OF Pink ($42).

Those eyes, oh them eyes!

Keeping the look simple and pretty, we are going to start with an application of our eyebase. Try PRO I-Prime ($21) in a variety of shades. This will even out the skin tone of your lid and also allow the shadow to stay put!

Wash a subtle colored shadow (try our mineral matte shadow in VANILLA $26), apply your tight liner (ALWAYS!), mascara and we are done like dinner!

Another Androgynous makeup trend is none other than our Smokey Eye

Model Arizona Muse does gorgeous AGAIN!

Ok, let's put some clothes on. Artists Within's very own stylist, designer and all around fashionista Crystal has pulled an outfit that will make you see stars of excitement and jump in knee high socks of joy!

Check it out....

Put this all together and VOILA, it's magic! You're ready for anything life throws at you.

One more thing...We, at Artists Within, would like to crown model Agyness Deyn as The Anrodgynous Queen. Girl, you have got it all nailed! Hair, makeup, wardrobe, attitude! We like it all;)

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

Much Love from the "Androgyny lovers" at Artists Within xo

We leave you with these images of our Crowned Androgyny Queen, Enjoy!




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