Fashion Friday-Celebrate Earth's last Halloween in Relevance

| Friday, October 26, 2012

Boo! Scared ya, didn't we?!

Halloween has arrived, almost.
But Halloween parties have definitely arrived!

Toss your witches hat aside
Ditch the ghost costume!

We've got some costumes for you this weekend!

Snow White and the Huntsmen may not have been the 
hit motion picture of 2012 however
 the costume eye candy had us swooning!

Evil Queen Ravenna is sure
to inspire costumes this Halloween!

Teen novel sensation turned movie, The Hunger Games,
wouldn't have offered recognizable costumes
had it not been for Effie Trinket, who's
sick idea of entertainment, is children 
slaughtering one another
A totally relevant costume for 2012...

Gotye's 'Somebody I used to know' went viral this year!
A catchy little diddy that inspired other musicians
to develop their own rendition
(Walk off the Earth's rendition went more viral than the original)
We aren't inspired by the song per say, but the
body painting in the video inspired us!
A costume for the nudist couple
Easy and inexpensive, this costume just calls for the brave!

There are bound to be multiple handfuls of
Avengers characters hitting the streets and parties
on Saturday. 
Don't fight it, join in!
Dress as your favorite Marvel Superhero.
Gentlemen, ladies have a hard time turning down a handsome super hero
that could save her cuddly kitty from a burning building
And Ladies, the majority of gentlemen out there
swoon over a girl who can identify with a comic book character
Everyone wins!

December 21 is only 55 days away
and according to the Mayan calendar
that's doomsday for all of us.
So why not pay homage to the Mayans by celebrating your
 'last Halloween on earth' dressed as a
Day of the Dead skull?
...Or as the new school kids know it as,
Sugar Skulls...

And you know, if all else fails, 
America's pageant phenomenon,
Honey Boo Boo, is always an option!

Happy Halloween fashion ghouls

Have a great weekend and play safe!

Much Love From,

Artists Within XO

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Teach Me Tuesday- History of Baroque

| Tuesday, October 23, 2012

baroque [bəˈrɒk bəˈrəʊk]
n (often capital)
1. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) a style of architecture and decorative art that flourished throughout Europe from the late 16th to the early 18th century, characterized by extensive ornamentation
2. (Music / Classical Music) a 17th-century style of music characterized by extensive use of the thorough bass and of ornamentation
3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) any ornate or heavily ornamented style
1. (Historical Terms) denoting, being in, or relating to the baroque
2. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Jewellery) (of pearls) irregularly shaped

In Baroque sculpture, groups of figures assumed new importance.
There was dynamic movement and energy of human forms.
A far cry from traditional sculptures pre-baroque

St.Theresa of Avila in ecstasy by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Baroque music is described as overly ornamented and exaggerated

Considered a baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach

When architects were bored with the customary construction,
they strayed into baroque territory.
A statement of wealth and power, the Catholic church ate
baroque architecture up!

St.Paul's Cathedral

In fashion today, Baroque style denotes fabrics such as tapestry,
brocades, velvets, silks, and plenty of gold embellishments!

Baroque exudes style, confidence and a sense of regality
Add a piece of history to your wardrobe
Jump on the Baroque trend!

Hope you learned something new this Tuesday!

Much Love,

Artists Within Dames XO

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Fashion Friday- Staple Sweaters and an Iconic Coat

| Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweaters are staple items, year round, amongst all Canadians

Corrupt and Data sweaters available on

Chunky knit, cheeky designs, navajo print, angora and more,
We're seeing it all this season and
we're giddy with glee
(And happy for warmth)

Designer Lyn Devon went white on white with her
super soft angora sweater

Michael Kors offers a hunts(wo)man inspired
blanket coat- for him and her
Worn with a pair of shorts, boots and wool socks
you'll be dressed to kill!

Navajo textiles have been sought after as trade items for over 150 years
Praise the fashion gods for recognizing that this 
print should be worn
The vintage navajo beauty seen above is currently on auction at Ebay
Current bid, $20.50...Start bidding
We already have!

Remember snuggling up by the fire, watching 
The Wonderful World of Walt Disney
wrapped in a cozy Hudson Bay blanket?
These blankets were staples among many families,
passed down for generations to be enjoyed by all.

Back in 2009, the iconic company recognized the nation wide love for
their blankets and made limited edition
blanket coats

As there were limited quantities produced of this
classic coat, keep your eyes peeled at vintage stores,
consignment boutiques and on the web;
maybe someone will miss seeing the potential
of this wool and give it up!
*Fingers Crossed*

In the mean time, get one for the him in your life


Happy Friday Fashion Folk!

Have a  wonderful weekend,
  check back on Tuesday to learn a thing or two
with Teach me Tuesday

Much Love From,

Artists Within XO

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Trending Thursday- The 'IT' Bag

| Thursday, October 18, 2012

Purses, bags, clutches and totes


The 'IT' bag means something different to everyone

Check out 5 must-have bags for any mood, occasion and style

Valentino 'Rockstud leather tote'

Valentino took must-have elements of this season
and threw it into this coveted creation!

Dolce and Gabbana 'Miss Sicily'needlepoint hand bag

Baroque style influence has been seen this season amongst many designers.
Dolce and Gabbana brings the epitome of glamour and romance
with this needlepoint shoulder bag

Yves Saint Laurent 'Cabas Chyc' leather satchel

Refined elegance drips from this tote with it's rich color and gold hardware
Perfect to dress up or down making this an irresistible
investment piece every woman needs!

Alexander Wang 'Pelican Weekender' doc bag

Classic beauty occurs naturally in this charming handbag
Padlock and key make this bag great for lugging top secret possessions around
 while in style!

Chloé 'Alice' tote

A touch of glamour is added to the girl-on-the-go with this
instant must have pick of the season

Whatever your style is
Whatever your mood
Whatever blows your hair back,
There is a must have bag for you this season!

Much Love from,

Artists Within Ladies XO

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Teach Me Tuesday- The IATSE Union

| Tuesday, October 16, 2012

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Founded in 1893, IATSE was created to represent Artists- lobbying for
fair wages and ensuring safe working conditions for their members.
Today, IATSE is the largest union representing workers in the 
entertainment industry

With the ever changing and expanding entertainment industry,
IATSE has proven themselves adaptable

So, how do Artists join?

Education and Experience 

Artists who are wanting to join the IATSE union, in their specific department,
must meet the requirements set out by IATSE
for each individual division

All applicants are required to pass a written exam (passing mark of 85%)
In addition, applicants must hold a grade 12 diploma
along with a diploma(s) from a
Government Accredited Makeup School
Each department has tool requirements
Along with your specific training and your tool requirements,
knowledge in Set Etiquette and Protocol is required
and standard first aid.

Once meeting all requirements, a board will review your application(s).
Your IATSE fate lies in the hands of the committee

What courses at Artists Within makeup academy will students need to meet IATSE requirements?

Offering Government Accredited Diploma programs,
students will need to successfully complete
(75% on ALL exams)

2) Special FX diploma program, including WHMIS certification

Other programs seen as an asset

If you are interested in getting involved in theatre, major motion pictures, opera and more,
you must be represented by IATSE.

Artists Within is here to help you get started in the entertainment industry;
contact us today for more information!

Much Love From,

Artists Within *union* XO
(Ps. we're not a union at all.) 

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Fashion Friday- Fancy Feet

| Friday, October 12, 2012

Fashion trumps function
...Unless you live where we do!
Our winters are unpredictable and when
temperatures plummet to-30°c
fashion is the last thing on our minds
Until now!

For those sloppy days, trudging through melted snow,
salted roads and downtown grime
Grab your rubber galoshes and stomp
through all the puddles and muck
worry free and fancy footed!

Cold, crisp days call for warm toes
Fur, sans animal included, is not only
chic, but pragmatic too!

Once inside the office, the real fun can start!
Strip your tootsies and
slip into something a little more mod

Floral tapestry is BANG-ON trend this season!

Unsure of how to wear them...?
Here's an idea

If flowers aren't your thing, no worries
Jeffrey Campbell thought of that
and created the cult-fave
Lita boot in canine and feline print

Footwear options are endless
Sky-high heels, thigh high brogans, classic oxfords or cutesie flats
Whatever you choose, make sure to make a statement!

Happy Friday Fancy Feet Fashionistas!

Much Love From,

Artists Within 'footwear fanatics'

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Teach me Tuesday on a Wednesday: Photo Shoots

| Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

As Artists, we need to know the difference between
a variety of photo shoots and the desired result...

Photo Cred: Stella Lee

Editorial, Catalogue, Stock and Studio

Editorial Photo shoots are generally high fashion
Displaying creative hair, makeup and wardrobe
It can be shot in studio, on location or a variety of locations
Editorial shoots can be found near the end of a magazine and usually 
captures a story within the images

Eldorado, Vogue September 2012

A great editorial reference website to visit

Catalogue shoots are there to sell a product
Clothing, jewellery, food/drink
Really, anything that can be bought could be photographed with a model
Depending on the feel of the shoot, 
a controlled environment like a studio can be used
or on location to offer continuity to the shoot

Aaron O'Connell for Marks

Stock Photography is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments
instead of hiring a photographer
Available to purchase on online data bases
Often produced in studios using models posing as professionals,
stereotypes, expressing stereotypical emotions or with pets
Individuals or companies purchase the images to use for their own
promo/ad material

Studio Photography is, just that.
Shot in the controlled environment of a studio
where the lights are set just so,
the set is built or the back drop is up
Many different types of shots can be produced in this environment
Afterall, the photographer is in their zone
The possibilities are endless

Photography, along with everything that goes along with it, is an art form
Thinking outside the box usually generates the most interesting images

Have fun when creating, ensure diversity in your portfolio,
and step outside your comfort zone; challenge yourself!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within artists XO

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