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| Thursday, November 3, 2011
Artists Within's artists have been busy this year with their hands + brushes in all sorts of shoots, events, TV specials, fashion shows, VIP parties and more!

Our very own CARL ABAD is no exception to that!

Pick up your latest issue of Avenue Magazine to see what Carl recommends we need to be wearing this winter, where we need to be shopping, what we need to buy and why! What else can we ask for?!?! He may even cook you dinner if you're really nice to him...

Winter is going to rear its ugly head soon, like, tomorrow soon and you better be prepared! And lets get real, its not all about function. FASHION is a must, and if it happens to be functional and fashionable, buy 10 of them!

Good thing Mr.Abad is considering both your vanity and you warmth with this issues winter picks. Take a look at your options, get in the car/on the bus/train/cab whatever and get your new winter threads!

For the know your lover/husband/boyfriend/poolboy needs new winter swag

And, of course, for the know you want one for every day of the (work)week

Turn to page 66 of Avenue magazine and you'll find more of Carl's expert tips!

To find out about booking Carl as your personal shopper or stylist this Holiday season, visit our website for more info!

Hugs and Love from,

The Artists Within Team


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