Teach Me Tuesday-Compliment close set eyes

| Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Almond, deep set, close set, hooded, protruding
There is an art and science involved in makeup

Today, we look at tips to create the illusion of even spacing between eyes;
fake it till you make it...and then continue to fake it!

A general rule when identifying 'close set eyes'
If a 'third eye' can't fit in the space between your two eyes,
this would be categorized as 'close set'

Jennifer Aniston is a great example of close set eyes

A crucial thing to remember...
Dark colors recede
light colors highlight; draw forward

When working on close set eyes, keep all dark colors and liner 
on the outer edges of the eyes.
This creates the illusion that the eyes are set wider apart
Avoid lining the eyes to the inner corners
This only accentuates the close proximity of the neighboring peeper
Instead, use a lighter color on 1/3 of the lid, starting at the inner corner.
This makes the eye brighter, giving the 
illusion on more space

Keep your brows nicely groomed
A unibrow is good on no one much less someone
with close set eyes!

So when doing your makeup, or makeup on someone,
take a step back before starting and evaluate your canvas
Consider the eye shape and the spacing between eyes
This will determine the placement, color and texture of makeup used.


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