Fashion Friday-We're letting you in on a secret, tell everyone!

| Friday, January 25, 2013

Most of the time, secrets are told in trust
Some people are better at keeping a secret than others

It's not a malicious intent (if it is, get new friends) to let the secrets out
but more like verbal diarrhea that just happens.
People have learned to no longer let you in on
their life long secrets at the risk of it ending up on 
twitter, facebook, and instagram (with a photo of your face).

If you fall into the category of  "a bad secret keeper",
boy, do we have a secret for you!!

Us folk, at the Artists Within, 
have been busy working away to create
the best of the best, a one of a kind,  
And we want you to tell all your friends!

Launching February 11,2013
Our online academy includes interactive videos
industry relevant projects,
in-depth instruction on 
application, color theory, corrective techniques and more!

Email us for more information

And watch for us on Facebook
We are going to be running some wicked contests
with prizes for those early bird registrants 
and the loudmouths who spill the beans to 
everyone they know!
It's in your best interest to get talkin!

Much Love From,

The secret tellers Artists Within

Tweet: @artistswithin
Facebook: Artists Within School of Makeup
Instagram: @artistswithin
Pinterest: @artistswithin

Wanna chat with us? | 403.208.0034


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