Pretty Pastels

| Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pretty Pastels in Sorbet Shades

This is one of of our favourite makeup trends at Artists Within this season and something that everyone can pull off! It's the perfect way to look fresh & youthful yet is easy breezy to create. 

The trick with this look is to keep it simple. Start with a wash of colour over the lid:

Use a brush with long bristles and blend all over the lid from lash line to brow bone and then under the lower lashes. One colour is all it takes. 

Contrast your eye colour to make it pop. Brown eyes look great in blues and greens, green eyes in purples and blue eyes are fantastic with a wash of orange

When completing the face be sure to stick to the same intensity of tints so that one colour does not fight with another. Everything should be in harmony together. 

Play around with colour combinations, what you think may clash, in pretty pastel shades can look soft and playful. Soft shades of pink are a great go to lip colour for this trend, play within the realm of nude pinks to soft candy pinks. 

Think pretty, think girlie, think of sorbet and just have fun!

Tis the season for pretty pastels


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