Fan a room with your lashes!

| Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Every party calls for LASHES! Long, thick, beautiful, "fan the room" lashes! You can try to achieve this through top of the line mascaras, drops/serums, and fibers but the reality is they will never look as good as those strips we glue on. However, if you are one of those ladies that get real emotional during meetings with old time friends and reminiscent moments, strip lashes and mascara are not for you!

Let alone the hassle of applying those lashes without glueing your lids closed....

Don't let this be you this holiday season, get eyelash extensions!

Once again ARTISTS WITHIN is looking out for your beauty+education with answers to your eyelash woes. With an EYELASH EXTENSION course available at ARTISTS WITHIN-makeup academy, you will learn the latest techniques to apply and maintain gorgeous lashes for your clients and your clients' clients. You will learn how to appropriately market yourself, what to charge for a full set and fills, brief theory on lash growth along with receive a full kit get started! Be a saviour this holiday season, take your eyelash extension course to ensure everyone is looking their best this holiday season and onwards!



Please visit ARTISTS WITHIN'S website for more information on enrollment.

If you are interested in an Artists Within lash technician to apply lashes for you, please contact 403.208.0034 to book an appointment.

Lots of love and lashes,

The Artists Within Team xo

TUESDAY TEASE...:Watch for this blog on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25/11

There will be no repeat outfits, which means there will be no repeat makeup and hair looks.  This Friday we will be blogging about 2011 holiday season hottest wardrobe pieces paired with boy friend stealin makeup and hair ideas. The complete package! There will be no hot messes out this holiday season if ARTISTS WITHIN has anything to do with it! 



Ashley of Eyelash Growth said...

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