Teach Me Tuesday-Winged Eyeliner

| Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winged liner is a thing of the past-But everything old is new again

 Famous faces such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot were sporting flared liner back in the 50's and 60's.

Since then, Amy Winehouse has worn an exaggerated winged liner, Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting her version of the same look, and Alexa Chung keeps her wings subtle.

There are a couple different techniques and tricks to achieving the "cat eyeliner"
Start by deciding how dramatic or how subtle you want your liner to be...
Dramatic makeup can be easily worn in the evening with a bold lip whereas subtle makeup is more suitable for the day.

Personal style also plays a factor in deciding your look; so have fun with it!

Vanilla hued shadow, mocha colored crease, flawless liner and a blood red pout makes this look classic and beautiful!

First off-Make sure your brushes are of high quality. When working with cream/gel products, brushes should be made from a synthetic material.

Start by applying your eye base ($21); this creates a base for the product to adhere to along with helping to prevent creasing and transfer of product throughout the day.
Line the upper lash line and stop at the outer corner-the thicker the line, the more dramatic your effect.
 Once you are satisfied with the line you created, take your brush and in a flicking motion create the "wing".
Another way to do it, is outline the shape of "wing" you want and fill it in with your desired liner.

Play around with colors, textures and shapes.

 Very important not to forget to SET YOUR LINER! All cream products need to be set with a powder. Choose an eyeshadow color that matches your liner or alternatively opt for a translucent powder to set.
This look is perfect for the working fashionista. It can easily be transitioned into an evening look by adding color to the lip, and a contour to the cheeks.

Some of you may still be scratching your heads in confusion and trembling in fright. Fear not for Dior has created "stick-on eyeliner"-sounds tacky, but it's not! 
We tried it, and have to say we were not disappointed. At first it feels a little foreign sitting atop our lids but it didn't take long to get used to the feeling. 
The perfectly positioned, smudge-proof liner goes down in our "cheaters handbook" as a must have!

Now that you're a "Winged Liner Pro", send us a picture of your winged liner, done free hand, for the chance to win a copy of The Calgary Crave Guide-The Urban Girls Manifesto.
Remember, no cheating with Dior's helping hands.

Please send all photos to artistswithin@shaw.ca

~Good Luck~

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Team XO


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