Teach Me Tuesday:How to wear a Neon Lip

| Tuesday, February 21, 2012
The Neon Lip is HOT this season!

Makeup artists dabbled in it a little last year, but this year the neon lip was perfected by artists, models and fashionistas alike!

If you haven't tried it in fear of doing it wrong, fear no further. Artists Within is here to help!

This model is sporting the tangerine pout (pantone color) that was seen on J. Crew models at last weeks NYFW.
With a natural, no makeup look on her lids and a wash of warmth to her skin, her neon orange lips make a jaw dropping statement.

This J. Crew model added a punch of color to this uber cute outfit with a glowing lip.

Try sporting a neon tangerine lip with royal blue, emerald green and neutral colors.

If tangerine isn't your thing, try a 'pretty in pink' neon kisser

Bronzed skin and a pink pout go together like, well, a tangerine lip and royal blue threads!

Peachy lids, slightly contoured cheeks, groomed brows...Put this all together with those bright lips and the result is striking!

If you're still timid to try this look, take a look at a few other options for a neon pucker.

So go ahead, be daring, try neon lips with your next outfit. You won't be disappointed!

Much Love,

The Artists Within 'NEON' Ladies XO


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