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| Friday, August 10, 2012

Clothing, accesory and shoe designers are a dime a dozen
The fashion industry has some of the toughest competition; it's truly a dog-eat-dog world
And only a few make the cut *SNIP*

Today we are showing you 2 designers, 4 lines

Starting with Mary-Kate and Ashley's line The Row
The Row reflects a timeless elegance that focuses on fine fabric and 'that perfect fit'
 The Row's mission- support high end fashion manufacturing in the US

Above pieces are from The Row's Fall 2012 collection
...almost gets us excited for fall...

The Row isn't the only thing the Olsen twins have their hands in
Elizabeth and James is a modern lifestyle brand for a new generation
Bringing to the buyer a trend conscious yet timeless wardrobe

The similarities between The Row and Elizabeth and James are definitely apparent; the twins have found their design niche
 Targeting different markets, demographics and styles with each line makes these young designers at the top of their game

Moving on to Nicole Richie's lines Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960
Both lines were launched in 2009 offering ready-to-wear collections, jewelry, eyewear, foot wear and handbags

Nicole has truly done a 180 from the Simple Life days...can't say the same about Ms.Hilton
Visit Nicole Richie's blog to stay up to date with everything fashion.

And at last, although not a designer (well kind of she is), is worth mentioning as she has caused quite the stir in the fashion world.
Tavi Gevinson, an adorable 16 year old who has seen and been part of more fashion events than most of us combined ever will-and she started at the pubescent age of 13!

This young trend setter first gained attention with her quirky style-describing herself as a 'tiny 13 year old dork sitting inside all day wearing awkward jackets and cute hats'-and has now become the fashion muse for many designers!
Last year Tavi founded 'Style Rookie'
Check her out bravely interviewing Rodarte for Target...
This kid is fearless!

Tell us about some of your favorite designers, bloggers and trend setters!
We just may do a whole blog dedicated to our fan favorites

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

Much Love from,

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