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| Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's face it, not all of us are the ideal 'Catwalk model measurements'
 5'9" with 22" waist, 33" hips and 32" bust

And most of us will never be-a lot of us never want to be-for we enjoy shakin' what our Mama's, grandmama's, and great grandmama's gave us!
There is nothing more beautiful than a real woman-curves and all-exuding confidence, loving her body and being comfortable in her own skin

Italian fashion designers worked together with the Italian government in 2006 to ban size 0 models and enforce a minimum BMI (body mass index) of 18
"Plus size" models (sizes 14-16) were to be introduced into shows and models were not to be younger than 16.
This caused quite the stir as 'beauty' has been greatly disorted by propaganda; 
"You must be young and skinny to be beautiful"
Eating disorders are rampant-holding a scary first place in mortality when compared to any other mental illness- and because of this disortion beautiful girls and woman are falling victim just to try to get a taste of "beauty"

That brings us to today's Fashion Friday post
We would like to honour full figured beauties who aren't shy to show off thier curves giving others the confidence to do the same!

Designer Rachel Pally created "White Label"
Designs for full figured ladies, showcased at Full Figured fashion week

Pally focuses on shapely designs that showcase the body avoiding frumpy frocks and tireless threads

The Queen Grace collection brand was launched in 2010 by stlyist Marina Zelner
Queen Grace was created as a high-fashion company that designs exclusively for the contemporary full-figured woman

 Queen Grace Collection represents every real woman with a real woman body

Artists Within hit the streets
...ok no we didn't, we hit the google machine..
to find full figured women around the world and the styles they are rockin'!

Street Style for full figured woman

Plus size stylist, editor, designer, and writer Nicolette Mason is the face of Marie Claire's "Big girl in a skinny world" column. 
Contributing to several publications in Vogue Italia, Refinery29, Glamour Magazine Italy and more, Nicolette has killer style and infectious confidence!
AW Models international has a plus size beauty of our own!
AW model Janel Royal, the face of  The Fuller Woman expo, will be featured in the Calgary Herald showcasing not only plus sized clothing but also her confidence to work it infront of the camera and in life

Stay tuned for more details on the publication!

Happy Friday everyone!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within 'full figured' lovers XO

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