Teach Me Tuesday-How To: Jewel Tone Makeup

| Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Following Fashion Friday's post on jewel tones
today's post,
 how-to on jewel tone makeup and inspiration for all

The cool side of makeup tones;
Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire

Working with complimentary hues to stay true to our color wheel,
let's start with 
Amethyst lids for green peppers

Sapphire on brown, a complimentary combination

Color wheel neighbors, Green (Emerald) on baby blues, 
create an alluring finish

Now the How-To: 

Always start with a primer to keep your product in place
Add a wash of color, lightly or heavy depending on the desired look,
to the lids. 
Phase the color up to the crease, making sure to blend well!
If you are looking for more intensity, further pigment can be added to the outer
crease of your eyes.

Depending on eye shape, a super sweet glitter 
can by applied to the center of the lid
This will highlight the eye, drawing it forward.
This is a great trick for someone with deep set eyes
If your a glitter gal, hold a cotton pad under your eye to catch the fallout.
Although fallout was intentional here, 
imagine cleaning this up right before 
heading out the door for your Christmas Party;
best to use a cotton pad.

If it's drama you're after, line your water line with black pencil, 
saving the top lid for cake liner

Add a little flare to your lashes with a soft curl,
finish with a generous amount of mascara

Pair any of these looks with a knockout lip of 
Ruby tints and hues
Remember to use a liner to avoid any bleeding

So stray away from your safe zone this Holiday season,
Dabble in on-trend jewel tones

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