Fashion Friday- Fashion Online; the Go-To sites to bookmark

| Friday, January 18, 2013

Sometimes the thought of hitting the mall is daunting;
Pushy people, pushy peoples screaming kids,
calamitous sale racks and ditzy sales people 
are often enough to drive us away

Enter online shopping, a gift from the Fashion Goddess' above

Online shopping has become the go-to tool for fashionistas, male and female,
to source out designer pieces not readily available,
to discover one off items that your co-worker won't show up wearing
 the day after you reveal it, 
to get seasonal inspiration when you catch the wardrobe blue's.

Here, 5 of our fave online shopping sites
Ch-ch-check it out!

First up is Nasty Gal

This site will curb your insatiable appetite for vintage and new trends while remaining friendly to budget conscious folk
Founder, Sophia Amoruso is only 28 years young and has already made Forbes list of Fashion's New Phenom

When Forbes article was published (July 2012), they claimed NastyGal was 
'on it's way to quadrupling sales to $128 million, 
racking up gross margins of more than 60%, 
up there with retail's most profitable ventures"
With Nasty Gal being a couple years wiser than an infant, 
this company is doing wonderful things for fashion and Sophia's bank account!

Retro and Indie fashion enthusiasts, ModCloth is the word!

ModCloth offers a super-sweet story of how they got started.
Founded by Susan Gregg-Koger and Eric Koger, high school sweethearts,
ModCloth was built on the foundation of the couple's mutual love for vintage and retro clothing.

Modcloth offers clothing, accessories, and home decor; vintage versions and vintage inspired ones too!
ModCloth has grown from their humble beginnings in a college dorm room to 
"America's fastest growing retailer"
in 2009 the popular site had a projected revenue of $15 mil
Fast forward to current, they are now employing over 300 people with a revenue of...
(we had a hard time finding any info on their revenue of 2012, but no doubt it's more than we have)

Clothing culture for him and her

Karmaloop consists of over 300 clothing brands that are
sure to raise any fashion junkie's heart rate
Leader of Karmaloop's self proclaimed rebel army, Greg Selkoe,
beat the odds to achieve the success of
what Karmaloop is today.
(we're sorry about the rogue sentence. The idea of 'rebel army' excited it and it refuses to now cooperate and conform)

From starting in his parents basement, 
to relocating 'headquarters' to a dilapidated piano factory 
where chasing undesirables was common occurrence, 
to now employing 130 culture kids in offices in Boston, New York and LA,
Karmaloop and its associated culture is killin' it!
It's estimated Karmaloop had a revenue of over $200 million in 2012,
with the .com site attracting more than 4.5 million monthly visitors
it seems as though Greg and his army will be living a lavish and stylish 'rebel army' life

With new sites popping up daily, there is always a way to put your hard earned money
towards that coveted piece for a stellar wardrobe!

Happy Friday Fashion Fiends

Much Love From,

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