Fashion Friday- Our Oscar's picks

| Friday, March 1, 2013

Whoa, late blog post!
The academy is buzzing, so we're a little late on the posting draw.

Get ready, we are going to throw some looks from 
last week's award show at you...

Every year we are guaranteed to see some
fashion flops and triumphs
This year was no exception...

Starting with everyone's fave new girl on the scene,
Jennifer Lawrence
With a pretty-in-pink Dior couture dress, 
girl looked good!
...she was even graceful 
as she tripped up the stairs; that's elegance

Next up, trouble starter Anne Hathaway
Causing a stir between designers after
stepping out in a Prada frock post Valentino
boasting about Mrs. Hathaway wearing one of their
own designs.
Also, it appears a cool Canadian breeze followed
Anne around where ever she went...

Kerry Washington was a show stopper in her
pink Miu Miu shift
Although we coveted her look, 
Kerry gained some haters by wearing this number
Aw well, haters gonna hate
What does she care?! She's rich!

What would the Academy Awards be without 
pint-size, smoke show, Selma Hayek?
Although we loved the Alexander McQueen dress,
we weren't sold on her overall look.
But what do we know?!

Check back on Tuesday to learn
how to re-create makeup
looks from the Oscars!

Happy Friday Fashion Freaks!

Much Love From,

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