Fashion Friday: Style Icon Kate Moss

| Friday, March 8, 2013

Unless you live under a rock,
and have stayed there for 25 years,
You know who Kate Moss is.

Supermodel-Fashionista-Business Savvy-Extraordinaire

Kate's iconic style has shaped and influenced fashion worldwide
Take a look!

 Heroine Chic=Kate Moss
Long Live Heroine Chic

Her leopard print coat has caused quite the roar!

Along with her leopard print, Kate often 
sports a fur chubby coat
Being the muse that she is,
this means all of London and beyond wears fur chubby's too!

Adding a stylish hat to her perfectly undone locks
offers a certain á-la-mode

Moss' wedding dress was nothing short of her
don't-give-a-sh*t-chic look.
Designed by Galliano, she looked like 
a beautiful vintage-esque statue of glamour!
Have a closer look at her's a statement all in its own!

Years of creating her own style, sans stylist,
opened doors for Kate to design
for ultra-cool brands like TopShop, LongChamp,

Every fashionista out there has lusted over
an outfit or two of Kates.
She's a true style icon, and for good reason



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