Paris Fashion Week-For the Love of Fashion

| Friday, March 2, 2012

Pour l'amour de mode

 Since Charles Frederick Worth, started his "mason de couture" or "House Of Worth" in the 1800's, Paris has been a leader in fashion trends.

Charles Frederick Worth aka "The Father of Haute Couture"

Fast forward to 2012-Paris is still recognized as a fashion capital. 
Ordinary folks are littered in high fashion frocks... 
Individual style appears so effortless, but is *bang on* everytime!

Exhibit A: Impeccable style

With Paris Fashion Week wrapped up, we thought it only appropriate to showcase some of the hottest fashion forward trends that were seen on the runways of this Fashion Capital!

These TopShop models show us that bedhead is ok to rock if you have great clothing on!
Achieve this look by spraying a little Kevin Murphy-TextureTexture.Master onto dry hair. Scrunch and go!

Burberry models stole our hearts with their bold brows, soft smokey eyes, natural pink pout and soft contoured cheeks.

Phillip Lim gave us a *POP* of color with this "great for any occasion outfit"!

We foresee fashionista's worldwide, including ourselves, drooling over this little leather dress by ADAM.

Ann Demeulemeester has a place in our hearts with this perfect mix of pattern, chiffon and leather. A design that is right on trend!

Paris fashion week has come to a close-Next up is Mumbai, India. 
Rich with culture that has a profound impact worldwide, the designs at  Lakme Fashion Week will be sure to be beautiful, unique and representative of the "oldest living civilization on Earth!"

With Love From,

The Artists Within Team of Fashion Guru's XO


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