Teach Me Tuesday-Sounds of the Runway

| Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Music creates mood,  rhythm,  ambiance and emotion.

Music influences trends in fashion and in turn music is influenced by fashion trends

Imagine a runway show with no music, no sounds but that of the heels clicking down the runway, the rythmic breathing and gasps of the audience as the next model appears... 


Now imagine a runway show with  heavy bass pulsing through your body, drums beating in unison with your heart and the models movements uniform with the surrounding sounds...

Both shows would evoke a certain emotion, a mood, a feeling. That's the power of sound!

So, who picks the sounds of the runway...?

A man by the name of Frederic Sanchez is responsible for a lot of it. He has been dubbed a "legendary sound stylist". Working with labels such as Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Jean Paul Gaultier to name a few.

The music must have a certain relevance to the collection being presented.

Take a look at Anna Sui's Spring 2012 collection and listen to the playlist from her runway show

Anna Sui's Track List-

All things 70's for Anna Sui and we loved it!

Carolina Herrera's Collection and Track List was a little more intense, more classical in nature...

Carolina Herrera's Track List-

                 Man in The Maze” by Goth-Trad

The music is intensly beautiful and so is her collection!

Ralph Lauren and his team have "perfected the art of classic lines in American sportwear".
"Downtown Abbey", the period drama with cult following was a big influence for Ralph Lauren's F/W 2012 collection. 

Ralph Lauren's Track List-

To watch Ralph Lauren's full runway show, click here

To watch Carolina Herrera's FW 2012 runway show, click here

To watch Anna Sui's Spring 2012 runway show, click here

Happy Listening!
Hope you all enjoyed learning about the sounds of the runway!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Mademoiselle's XO


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