Trending Thursday-Bronze it up!

| Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bronze it up this Spring!

Bronzer is something that most of us have in our makeup bags without realizing the full potential of it...

Create an obvious, natural glow without looking fake! 
Acheive this by using a "bronzed peach" color to kep the look young, fresh and natural! Pressing a cream liquid bronzer into the apples of your cheeks ensures a dewy application-great for Spring and Summer!

It’s easy to look polished and chic in bronze by applying a full foundation and then touching on the lids, cheeks and lips for this elegant monochromatic feel.  
Tres Chic!

The smokey eye is always in season. 
Try substituting your usual charcoal shades for various bronze hues-It’s a softer, more modern take on this classic. 

 A modernistic take of the typical bronze skin
 Try beautiful silky skin that looks youthful and modern paired with an intense bronze eyeshadow in a lighter shade with a bit of shimmer. 

Polished, perfect and golden. 
Use a honey bronze powder over cheeks and lids with a 'barely there' nude lip. 
 Add a single strip of lashes to finish off this sophisticated slightly glam take on bronze.

Get your bronze on this Spring and Summer with these helpful hints from  makeup extraordinaire Tara Anand at Artists Within!

Much Love From,

The Golden Gals at Artists Within XO 


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