Proud of our grad's, we are.

| Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Artists Within has been educating future makeup artists for close to 10 years(!) and there is no stopping us!
Today's post we take a look at what some of our graduates have created utilizing the skills taught at Artists Within, check it out...

Makeup by Vered, seen here. Vered completed our basic makeup diploma program with international certificate, our session hair styling diploma program, airbrushing and the advanced makeup diploma program. This girl is mighty talented-watch out for her!

Same artist (Vered-hair and makeup), Same model (Samantha), different shoot
Giddy up!

A little while back some members of our killer team participated in creating the cover image of the Calgary Bridal guide.

Laura from AW Models International slipped into a wedding gown turning herself into a vintage beauty while Erica, from Artists Within artist management team, made her up to reflect the nature of the shoot.

The results were breathtaking...

It was even seen on a large billboard, yay!

We found a great blog post by the photographer who shot the images, check out behind the scenes!

And last but certainly not least, Helen Kwan. This girl is cleaning house in the Calgary makeup scene. Her natural talents and sheer knowledge of application has created quite the buzz.
Recently being scouted to compete in the Modern basic Edmonton ABA-themed "Superheros and Lady of the Night"-here are a couple raw shots of Helen's work.

Wow! Great work Helen and best of luck-we'll be eagerly awaiting the results!

Now you can see why we are so proud of our grad's and why we are so passionate about educating artists!
If you are interested in becoming a makeup artist, please contact us and we'll help you on your way to living your dream!

And don't forget about our teen fashion camp to get your foot in the door of everything fashion!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Team XO

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