Teach Me Tuesday-Color Blocking

| Tuesday, May 8, 2012

After a short hiatus of blogging to be in Europe, we are back in the swing of things and
today we bring to you a lesson on color blocking

Bright, bold colors littered the runways and the trend has spread like wildfire to fashionistas world wide!
Intimidating at first, but with a few simple rules you'll be making statements that are as loud as the colors you are wearing.

First off, know your basic color wheel and your primary colors
Red, Blue, and Green
Tertiary colors are derived from mixing primary colors together. 
Adding black to darken a color  creates a shade, and white to lighten a color creates a tint
Remember complimentary colors are just that-they compliment one another. These colors sit opposite the color wheel from each other and when paired together create a very pleasing affect.

For example, pairing blue and orange together-gorgeous!

If you feel daring, you can even throw some green in the mix

Keeping your shoes and accessories neutral the focus remains on the colors and keeps the look from appearing "too busy"

Another way to color block is to combine colors that are neighbors

For example, green and violet

Why not throw a print into the mix...?

If you are still trepidacious (good word!) about combining colors together, start with colored pants and a neutral top.

Let's review...
When color blocking remember
1. Pair complimentary colors together for a guaranteed hit
2. Neighboring colors are friends, let them party together
3. Keep accessories and shoes neutral 
4. Have Fun!

Happy Color Blocking everyone!

Much Love,

The Artists Within Ladies XO

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