Teach Me Tuesday-Those Eyes, oh my!

| Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blue, Brown, Green and Hazel-
Eyes are said to be the window to the soul

When using colors on our lids, like in wardrobe, there are a few simple rules to follow.
Here are some makeup idea's that anyone can do for individual eye color

For the Brown Eyed Beauty

Pop out those colored contacts and put your brown eyes on display!

Remembering the basic color wheel, (see last weeks post about colorblocking to brush up on some crucial color theory info), and our complimentary colors we know blue compliments brown.
Keep with this simple rule, it's fool proof.

Choosing colors that are neighbors to one another also creates a pleasing effect
Brown eyes, red/orange makeup...

Go the other way on the color wheel and you get into yellow/orange
Opt for a beautiful butter tone for understated impact-when keeping the eyes subtle, punch up the lips with something bold

For the Blue Eyed Dames

Blue being complimentary to brown, brown is also complimentary to blue.
Brown, when paired with blue eyes creates an effect that could stop traffic!

A soft smokey eye in varying hues of brown...head dress optional

Keep the eyes natural to speak for themselves and pump up the lip
On the lid, try a creamy vanilla or shimmery butter for a little kick

Try a mono chromatic look using pinks and corals for lips, cheeks and eyes

For the Green Eyed Gals

Green eyes are rare, so if you got 'em flaunt 'em!
Working with warm tones like golds, browns and bronze we compliment the uniqueness of this eye color

Lavender, periwinkle, royal purple and Aubergine (french for eggplant) are all great choices to commemorate green eyes

A fail proof way to go with any eye color is black.
Try a dramatic winged eyeliner to get your point across

For the Hazel eyed Hottie

Hazel eyes, like green, are rare and striking. Keeping the makeup simple will ensure optimal impact when others gaze into your "window"

Using a monochromatic scheme with a soft smokey liner on the eyes and a pink lip is just what these hazel peepers need.

A slightly bolder, more defined black liner with a wash of shimmer on the lid is perfect

So whatever color of eyes your got, work with them!
Let your eyes do the talking for they say so much

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