Fashion Friday-Denim Denim Denim

| Friday, June 8, 2012

These are all terms to describe different washes of denim and the process of achieving the individual effects.
Denim has always been a staple item. It's tough in nature and stylish by choice, denim is making a statement this season (and season's to come) with it's versatility and functionality.

Sticking with the format of 'Fashion Friday' at Artists Within, we bring to you makeup idea's, hair style inspirations and wardrobe must-haves!

A pop of color on the lids to match your indigo denim, nude lip, and bronzed cheeks makes for a beautiful look!

A brown smokey eye, especially on blue peepers, is the perfect balance of drama and innate. 
Fuschia blush, bronze contour, clear glossed lips-that's all you need to imitate this beauty!

Another example of blue on brown. It's perfect everytime! 
Minimal effort required to acheive this earth toned look.

Hair to pair (with your denim)

The 'top-knot', as it has been coined, can do no wrong in our books! It can be done in perfect form, or left a little disheveled-either way it's a versatile hairstyle for any occassion!

This beautiful diagonal braid is boho-chic! 
Whether you are going out on the town with some of your besties or riding horseback through Stanley Park alongside one of the 'Housewives of Vancouver', this unique braiding technique will be sure to get you some attention.
Can you figure out how it is done...?

If top knots and mind bending braids are not for you, stick with loose waves that you can run your hands through.
Remember when curling the front sections, curl hair away from your face to create a nice sweep that prevent's being 'drowned or smothered' by your wavy locks.

And for the headliner- The Denim

Young and fresh with her acid wash, strapless denim dress and chunky heels; we're loving this look!
Generally a hater of 'sock'n'sandals', however this outfit may be the one that changes our minds.

The quilted denim one above is by: Rebecca Taylor

Design By Preen

Welcome to the Wild Wild West!
Denim waisted with pleated silk-organza- this maxi skirt is untraditonal and understated
Pair it with a shirt of similar fabric but different pattern to create an evening summer chic number

This denim trench, compliments of Derek Lam (that stylish devil), is the perfect jacket for Spring, Summer and warm Fall days!

Kind of like shrimp (Forrest Gump reference anyone??)-There are so many different ways to wear denim, prepare denim and cut denim...
A great way to experiment with denim is go second-hand. It's inexpensive to try and guilt free if you decide to get rid of your experimental piece.

Get creative and have fun!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within 'Denim Dames'

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