Fashion Friday-Our very own, Erica, and her favorite things

| Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Erica

Erica teaches our full time and part time makeup diploma programs.
She is also an extremely talented artist in makeup, hair, painting and all things creative!
Check out her portfolio

Today we bring to you some of Erica's favorite things in fashion right now

Erica LOVES sequins! 
With many years of her youth spent figure skating and in dance, it's no wonder the glitz of sequins speaks to her...or maybe it was the influence of Michael Jackson/Prince/Madonna and disco music.
Either way, it's one of her faves!

A cute sequined top with a neutral bottom is fun and not too showy-afterall we aren't Cher working it on stage!

Erica was born in the 70's so it's no surprise that she loves the 'Boho Chic' look

Erica is also a huge fan of food so this boho, snackin' beauty is screaming Erica's name!
Before she was in the artistic world, Erica worked the corporate world (in finance). She now rebels against 'The Man' and has vowed to never wear pantyhose to work again! 

'Love not War' is a good motto to describe Erica's loving nature; works prefect for the 60's inspired makeup that Erica is drawn to

Sexy and feminine
The peach and navy combo is one of Erica's all time fave color duo's!

Growing up having to have short hair because, well let's face it our parent's made that call when we were young, Erica has grown her hair long in order to do everything she ever wanted to but couldn't because of the restrictions of short hair.

Keeping in mind Erica's boho love, the easy practicality of the loose tied back braid is definitely one of her favorite things!

Like any other girl, no matter their style, there is a glamorous side.
Erica definately has a glamorous side to her which shows in her love for the 'beehive' (and sequins)

There it is, some of Erica's favorite things!

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers!
Happy Friday to the rest of you!

Much Love from,

Erica and the rest of the gang at Artists Within XO

Twitter: @artistswithin
Facebook: Artists Within School of Makeup


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