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| Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the roaring twenties, the dirty thirties, the fightin' forties, the fabulous fifties, the swingin' sixties and so on, each decade had an individual, iconic style that resonates with fashion still to this day!  

Themed parties are a great way to experiment with looks from different era's and cultures.
Today we teach you (Tuesday) how to achieve 3 makeup looks that can be found on today's hottest "period" drama TV series Mad Men

Although the show is set in the 'swingin' sixties', these ladies are not the ones you find screaming at a Beatles concert. They are the classy wives and secretaries of the corporate 'Mad Men'-a term coined for men in advertising.

Starting with the smokin' hot Betty Draper (January Jones). 
This blonde bombshell, Grace Kelly look alike could stop a speeding train with her sophisticated, classic style and refined beauty.

To achieve this look on yourself, keep your brows structured with a square arch
The focal point will be your eyes...
Bring out those false lashes!
Inner corners of the eyes are silver or a soft blue to highlight
The outer corners of the eyes are lined but instead of a winged look from the 50's a darker eyeshadow has the line softly blended
The contour is strong with emphasis on the outer corner
Finish off with a soft blush on the apples of your cheeks and a nude lip. 
You'll be giving January Jones a run for her money!
Next is the fiery red head, the office's 'girl friday' Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks).
If you can pull your eyes away from this woman's curvaceous bod, you'll notice that her makeup is just as perfect!

  Once again we have a square structured brow
Wash over the lids with a  soft color ( a soft cream or vanilla color would work great!)with a slightly darker crease.
 Enhance the looks with a black eyeliner at the lash line.
 Don't wing it or the 50's will be callin' for their makeup back!
Cheeks are soft in color, try a peach tone to compliment the look
And finish off the look a berry gloss lip to create a kissable pout.

Bump the look up for the evening by exaggerating the contour line to the outer edges of her eyes
The soft line on her bottom lashes is also slightly extended
This look is a great demonstration of 60's makeup!

For a little drama we thought we would introduce to you *spoiler alert if you have never watched Mad Men* Donald Draper's new wife *Scandal*
Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) is the seductive brunette who woo's Donald Draper despite his relationship status being "in a relationship"
Megan Draper, 14 years Donald Draper's junior, is young and vivacious. Beautiful and confident.
A real 60's MOD beauty!

Heavily defined crease is text book 60's, and we LOVE it!
To achieve a 'text book crease' you can use many products from eyeliner, to cream liner to eyeshadow (using an angled, liner or smudge brush). 
Follow around  the outer edge of your eyeball and pull it past your outer corners of the eye.
Lining the top lid-don't forget to line the spine of your false lashes-and the bottom lash line slightly.
Brow shape is structured but the arch is more natural than Betty and Joan's.
Soft pink is epic of the 60's MOD but a berry lip color can be used for a little sophistication.

MAD MEN makeup breakdown complete!

Have fun playing with these looks... 
Word on the street is there is a Mad Men themed party at Belgo this weekend. If your invitation was lost in the mail, show up anyway and tell them Mr. Donald Draper sent you. 
They'll be sure to find your name on the guest list!

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