Teach Me Tuesday-Vintage, Thrift, and Consignment shopping

| Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out With the old
In with the

You may not know that there is a difference between your fave vintage boutique, your local thrift store and that consignment shop you stumbled into

Learn more about how your shopping addiction can give back to the community or put money back into your pocket

Let's start with Thrift Stores and a brief description of them..

Owned by a charity a portion of sales, or all of the sales revenue, will go to the charity to contribute monetarily to the 'owning charity'
The items in thrift stores are generally donated by individuals who are seeking to rid themselves of dated items, or simply purge to make room for new items or pieces.
Some local YYC thrift stores to check out include,

The Salvation Army
Value Village
Women in need society
Goodwill Industries

Be prepared to sift through racks of clothing to find the diamonds in the rough, they do exist and it is
Oh-so-rewarding when you find it!
Thrift store shopping famous fashionistas include Karen O, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung

Now onto Vintage Shops/Boutiques

A vintage shop or boutique is privately owned
All items in the store have been purchased by the 'buyer' and are being sold at some sort of profitable rate.
The stores' merchandise can come from many different sources but mostly it comes from a rag-house where the 'vintage buyer' can purchase large stocks of clothing/items.
Estate sales, vintage fairs and swap meets are another effective way that vintage shops stock their racks
There are plenty of vintage shops in and around Calgary to check out
A Vintage Affair
Pretty Little Things
Cat's Eye Vintage 
(online mainly)

Mary Kate and Ashley (seen here with Steve Madden) are recognized vintage trendsetters.
Whether they are in authentic vintage clothing or vintage inspired frocks their look always maintains vintage flair!

And finally onto Consignment

Consignment can be defined as places where individuals can sell their used clothing through dealers.
The shop-or dealer-takes a percentage of the profit and give you-the owner-a cut as well.
Generally items on the sales floor have an expiration date of sorts and if they are not sold within that time frame are returned to the owner for no compensation.
Maybe you and that floral muumuu are not meant to part...

Consignment stores in Calgary are abundant

Moda Consignment
Sass Consignment
Trends Clothing Co

Hit up your local vintage boutique, thrift store and consignment shop to see what kind of gems you can add to your closet!

Not only are you saving huge (sometimes on designer items too!), but you are recycling and the hunt for the perfect item is the best treasure hunt a fashionista could ask for!

Before you go, clean out your closet to make room for your new arrivals and donate your old to continue with the circle of fashion life

Much Love From,

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