Fashion Friday-Impressing 'The Dogg'

| Friday, July 13, 2012

The last weekend weekend of Stampede has arrived and so has one of the most anticipated musical acts
...that's right Snoop Dogg is in tha house!

The 'Doggfather' will be playing on the holyest day of the week, Sunday (July 15). 
Playing in the Cowboys tent (sold out show), this event will go down in many people's history books!

Of course being Friday and having an event in our city as crazy cool as Snoop Dogg, we HAD to post about it. 
Being Fashion Friday, today we bring to you your fashion guide for the sold out Snoop Dogg concert

Here we go!

3 looks-hair, makeup, and clothing

Rihanna, spotted at Coachella this year, sporting vintage Levi cut off jeans decorated with studs. Add a PEACE mini tank and this out fit would be more than appropriate for the Dogg's show.

Shop the look...

Peace Tank available at H&M $17.95
Denim Shorts- H & M $24.95

Another option for shorts are, of course, leather/pleather

Leather shorts H&M $24.95
Available at H&M $34.95
Accessorize with this cruelty free dalmatian print bag

A clean, sleek ponytail looks great and keeps you nice and cool while jamming out!

Bronzed skin, winged liner and a bon bon colored pout 

Look # 2

TLC was a HUGE fashion influence in the 90's

Fashion has come in full circle and is very much influenced by these looks today-especially the harem pants! LOVE!

Shop the look!
H&M $24.95
H&M $14.95
H&M printed harems $19.95
Put all this together and what do you get?
...A smokin' hot, 90's inspired, Snoop Dogg approved outfit...and all for under $60!

Color yourself pretty with punchy, pretty makeup

Casual, straight hair is great for this look to ensure your overall appearance isn't too busy

Look #3

Sticking with the harem pants, going a little more 'rocker grunge', our last look ROCKS!

Shop the look!

H&M $34.95
H&M $17.95
H&M $19.95

Messy smokey eyes fit the look

Accessorize your locks with a fashion turban
H&M $59.95
...and complete it all with a black and gold studded doctors bag

Happy Friday fashion fiends and Snoop Dogg fanatics!

We leave you with this...

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Dogg's

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