Fashion Friday-Festival Fashion Do's and Don'ts

| Friday, July 20, 2012

We've seen the likes of many different festivals world wide this year
And they're not over yet!

 Festivals have turned as much about the fashion as they are about the music sans runway
With the prying eyes of fashion bloggers and photographers you best be looking your best and on top of your game as you never know if you'll be the star of an impromptu photoshoot!

Let's start with the Do's of festival fashion, hair and makeup

First off, wear sunscreen!

Sunglasses are a must; Friends don't let friends go out without sun g's

And a little lip balm to keep your lips kissable
...You never know who you may encounter (...lead singer perhaps?!)

Fashion must remain practical
This is a DO when it comes to festival fashion
Sky high heels and micro mini's are best left at the cocktail party

Flat shoes, cut off shorts, and a long sleeved shirt over a tank is festival fashion perfection
You'll be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way; and you never know what she'll hand to you in YYC

Zoe Kravitz and her handsome burly sidekick know what festival fashion, in the heat, is all about

Festival makeup should be kept to a minimum
A punch of color on the lids is cute. Natural lips and a glowing complexion make a statement all on their own

Or keep it soft and natural with a pinky lip for a different kind of impact
The makeup is a DO ...the feather head piece would fall under the DON'T category

Since we are sticking with practicality, hair should also be just that.
Practical and suitable for the day's events but still pretty and stylish, of course.

Instead of the traditional top knot or messy bun, why not try a braided 'top knot'
And with your pop-o-color lids it's beauty!

Protect yourself against heat stroke by blocking the sun out!
A pretty side braid with the floppiest of summer hats is practical and boho beauitful

Now for the DON'Ts of festival fashion

Don't leave home without waterproof mascara
Alice Cooper will be calling wanting his makeup back

Don't cut up your mom's retro tea towel and make it into a "shirt",
...And Don't leave your top button of your jean shorts undone
(What were you thinking Emma Roberts??)

Don't be 'that girl'
...errr, you get the point!
Keep it classy ladies and gentlemen

Calgary Folk Fest happens next weekend
Keep all these rules in mind when preparing your look and have fun!

Happy Friday Fashion Folk

Much Love From,

The Artists Within Fashion Junkies

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