Teach me Tuesday on a Wednesday: Photo Shoots

| Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

As Artists, we need to know the difference between
a variety of photo shoots and the desired result...

Photo Cred: Stella Lee

Editorial, Catalogue, Stock and Studio

Editorial Photo shoots are generally high fashion
Displaying creative hair, makeup and wardrobe
It can be shot in studio, on location or a variety of locations
Editorial shoots can be found near the end of a magazine and usually 
captures a story within the images

Eldorado, Vogue September 2012

A great editorial reference website to visit

Catalogue shoots are there to sell a product
Clothing, jewellery, food/drink
Really, anything that can be bought could be photographed with a model
Depending on the feel of the shoot, 
a controlled environment like a studio can be used
or on location to offer continuity to the shoot

Aaron O'Connell for Marks

Stock Photography is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments
instead of hiring a photographer
Available to purchase on online data bases
Often produced in studios using models posing as professionals,
stereotypes, expressing stereotypical emotions or with pets
Individuals or companies purchase the images to use for their own
promo/ad material

Studio Photography is, just that.
Shot in the controlled environment of a studio
where the lights are set just so,
the set is built or the back drop is up
Many different types of shots can be produced in this environment
Afterall, the photographer is in their zone
The possibilities are endless

Photography, along with everything that goes along with it, is an art form
Thinking outside the box usually generates the most interesting images

Have fun when creating, ensure diversity in your portfolio,
and step outside your comfort zone; challenge yourself!

Much Love From,

The Artists Within artists XO

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