Teach Me Tuesday- Lip Scrubs

| Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is upon us and
so is the dry weather

That could mean bad news for your smile
You follow our tips and tricks to avoid flaky lips 

Fall/Winter 2012 lips call for bold burgundy, rustic red
and provocative purple
With dry lips, these hues end up being a GIANT arrow 
pointing directly to a problematic area

The simplest way to avoid cracked flaky lips is to exfoliate
Exfoliating your lips, like your skin, removes dead skin loitering on the surface of your kisser
Once gone, you'll uncover a more soft, supple, kissable pout 

Grab a toothbrush (go on, your boyfriend won't mind if you use his)
and start gently scrubbing. Soft bristles are best and be gentle
Apply your favorite lip balm (with SPF!) to infuse your lips with much needed moisture

Another alternative, which won't sacrifice your boyfriends toothbrush, is sugar!
Sugar is a great natural exfoliator that, 
not only will benefit your lips, 
but will also curb your sugar cravings- it's edible!
Our fave- Sweet Lips: For sweet and chocolatey lips!

For artists working on set 
Ever worked on a model with dry chapped lips?
Once you're done scolding them on proper lip and skin care,
grab a cotton pad and your fave moisturizer
In circular motions, gently scrub the dry surface before prepping the base.
Add a lip balm to lock in moisture

Incorporate exfoliating your lips into your nightly cleansing routine
Your lips will be thankful and so will you!

Much Love From,

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