Fashion Friday-Celebrate Earth's last Halloween in Relevance

| Friday, October 26, 2012

Boo! Scared ya, didn't we?!

Halloween has arrived, almost.
But Halloween parties have definitely arrived!

Toss your witches hat aside
Ditch the ghost costume!

We've got some costumes for you this weekend!

Snow White and the Huntsmen may not have been the 
hit motion picture of 2012 however
 the costume eye candy had us swooning!

Evil Queen Ravenna is sure
to inspire costumes this Halloween!

Teen novel sensation turned movie, The Hunger Games,
wouldn't have offered recognizable costumes
had it not been for Effie Trinket, who's
sick idea of entertainment, is children 
slaughtering one another
A totally relevant costume for 2012...

Gotye's 'Somebody I used to know' went viral this year!
A catchy little diddy that inspired other musicians
to develop their own rendition
(Walk off the Earth's rendition went more viral than the original)
We aren't inspired by the song per say, but the
body painting in the video inspired us!
A costume for the nudist couple
Easy and inexpensive, this costume just calls for the brave!

There are bound to be multiple handfuls of
Avengers characters hitting the streets and parties
on Saturday. 
Don't fight it, join in!
Dress as your favorite Marvel Superhero.
Gentlemen, ladies have a hard time turning down a handsome super hero
that could save her cuddly kitty from a burning building
And Ladies, the majority of gentlemen out there
swoon over a girl who can identify with a comic book character
Everyone wins!

December 21 is only 55 days away
and according to the Mayan calendar
that's doomsday for all of us.
So why not pay homage to the Mayans by celebrating your
 'last Halloween on earth' dressed as a
Day of the Dead skull?
...Or as the new school kids know it as,
Sugar Skulls...

And you know, if all else fails, 
America's pageant phenomenon,
Honey Boo Boo, is always an option!

Happy Halloween fashion ghouls

Have a great weekend and play safe!

Much Love From,

Artists Within XO

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