A girls guide to The Sale Rack pt1

| Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If you are an avid shopper, like us,
and strolling through the mall or online
is a form of therapy for you, then you
know how quickly your hard earned money can go
to seasonal trends, must-have basics 
and everything in between

Enter: Buyers Remorse

Jessica Alba for InStyle

What many fail to recognize is, that eventually
everything will go on sale to make room for
 new collections, seasons and stock
This means rarely, if ever, do fashion victims have to pay full price!
All it takes is a little patience and some acceptance that
if your prized piece sells out it will 
become a fond distant memory.
Try to remember, it's just stuff
and there is always more of it
Sale hunting has become our new favorite sport;
scouring the sale sections have proven
to be well worth the time
stumbling upon 20-75% off deals,
$6 pair of pants ($regular 34), $11 sweater (regular $49), and the
best one yet $8 dress (regular price $79)

The best deals will be found at the end of seasons
or a closing out sale
Attend closing out sales often as they
tend to pull stock out of the back that wasn't
out on the floor just yesterday
Words of shopping wisdom: 
Do not limit yourself to just a one or two stores
Many stores carry similar trends so shop around

Fashion Misters, closing out sales and end of season sales
are your calling!
Finding quality mens clothing at a frugal price
can be daunting at the best of times,
so be sure to hit up the sale racks first

Vow to never (or rarely) pay full price for your fave pieces
Save your hard earned skrilla' for a celebratory adult beverage
after you score mega deals 

Happy Shopping Fashion Addicts!

Much Love From,

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