Fashion Friday-SS13 Makeup and Hair Trends

| Friday, February 22, 2013

The word fashion encompasses more than just wardrobe
Hair, makeup and accessories are all things to consider
when pulling together, and completing, your look

With only a couple months left of shoveling snow 
and scraping frost, the thought of
Spring and Summer is becoming an attainable reality
Take a glance into the future and lay your eyes on
the makeup and hair trends of 2013

Gravity took its toll on last years top knot pulling it down
to below occipital 

Expertise is not required to create this look. 
Its a DIY makeup dream; imperfections are required

Low ponytails contained in a braid
achieve practical beauty
with minimal effort

You can't keep the orange lip down
Season after season we see tints and shades of
l'orange and this season is no

Do-ragging in style!
Cover up salon neglected locks
with the help of a printed
scarf, band or wrap...
Or simply wear it 'cause it's cute

Toxic turquoise liner made a 
bold debut this season
paired with a barely-there-base and a
nude, natural pout

Watch for the how-to tutorials for
all the makeup looks on
Tuesday's post!

And for gosh sakes, register for our spring classes

Much Love From,

Artists Within Peeps XO

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