Teach Me Tuesday: Fashion Friday how-to's

| Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friday is translating into Tuesday
You know, minus the pleasant prospect of Saturday.
Today, we're dissecting the looks from Friday's
post and showing you how the 
pro's do it

Starting with Moschino's look
Electric eyeliner made its presence known on 
the bottom lash line...

A fresh base with subtle warm contour, natural
groomed brows, and a pristine pout
allowing the eyes to steal the runway.
As seen on Moschino models.

How to: 
Apply foundation only where needed to ensure your natural glow isn't masked.
Add an understated illuminator to your foundation for a little sparkle

Groom brows with a disposable, clean, mascara wand to achieve the natural shape.
Keep 'em in place with a little brow gel/wax or a light hold hairspray

Slap on your fave lip balm to add some moisture

Line the bottom lash line and water line with 
an electric blue, volatile violet or intense tangerine
Remember to set your liner with a matching eyeshadow color
or a translucent powder
to ensure in-to-the-night wear

Missoni's runway look had the gab doing all the talking!
A juicy punch of color makes us think of
tropical flavored candies and rainbows!

A heavily highlighted, dewy, base,
exaggerated brows, no-shadow lid and
a light coat of mascara
lets the mouth do all the talking for this
look seen on Missoni's SS2013 runway

How to:
For heavy highlight, use a liberal amount of liquid or cream highlighter, apply
to all areas you want to accentuate
ie: Cheek bones, above brows, chin, jaw line.
For a more faint highlight, mix it in with your foundation only
Add a pale pink contour to emphasize the cheek bones even further

Groom brows, making sure to exaggerate the shape with your pencil and powder to maintain the look

Offer restraint when apply mascara. The look calls for natural lashes (try brown to keep it  über organic looking)

Line your lips to avoid any bleeding of lip color. For longer wear, color them in using the lip pencil. Put your desired lip color on top.
The face chart above shows that the artist, Lucia Pieroni, uses a highlight
around the mouth for an instant pout plumper, sans needles

Finding face charts for Peter Som's runway makeup was
damn impossible!
We'll have to settle on a backstage shot...

Artist, Tom Pecheux, makes sure to keep the
focal point on the baby blues by muting
the rest of the look.
With next-to-no-makeup visible, all 
eyes are on, well, the eyes.
Colors reminiscent of a shirley temple
or a blue lagoon.

How To:
 Follow the same base and brow steps from the Moschino look
Light foundation, natural groomed brows, lip balm.

 Start with an eye base (primer) to make certain all pigments
show true color when placed on the lid
To make this look translate to the street, apply the crease color no higher than the crease.
Delicately dust the lightest shade all around the eye 

Give it a try now and you'll be spring ready for whenever it decides to stick around!

Much Love From,

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