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| Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Friday again and you know what that means!!! Incase you don't know, we're here to tell you! 

...Every Friday the team of session hair stylists, wardobe stylists, and makeup artists at Artists Within come together to create wearable, hair, habiliments (new word! Introduce it into your vocabulary) and makeup that flow so nicely together that the rivers and oceans will be jealous!

Let's mix it up a bit this week and start with our HABILIMENTS :o)

Crystal's pick this week will have you purrring, meow!

OMG this dress! Get that on your body now! Thank you Rachel Zoe for creating another little piece of heaven!

Dress by:Rachel Zoe; shop Rachel Zoe at or The Bay

Since it is winter and we are in Canada, let's warm ourselves up with, what else?!? A fur vest by Diane Von Furstenberg of course!

Vest by:Diane Von Furstenberg; shop DVF at

We'll most definitely be trudging through the snow at some point so lets do it in style with a pair of Rachel Zoe's boots...don't trudge too far though, limo's were invented for a reason!

And we are going to finish it off with this beautiful ruby turban from Zara. A little punch of color to pay homage to our jewel tones this season.


Since out outfit is so WOW!, we are going to keep our makeup simple and natural to ensure that our clothing is the focal point of this look.

Natural makeup can often times be more difficult to achieve than our smokey eyes or more dramatic makeup. But don't worry about it, Artists Within is here to tell you how to do it and do it like the pro's!

To acheive this look, start with your neutrals or earth tones; organic. Try our PRO Naturalist quad ($49). This quad is a must have! You've got your matte neutrals that can be used to create these natural looks or can be applied a little heavier to achieve a beautiful matte smokey eye. (Review last weeks smokey eye tutorial) Essential I tell ya, E-SSENTIAL! Now dust your cheeks, nose and chin lightly with a matte bronzer (safari matte bronzer;$42) to add a little warmth to your skin like this Balmain model did.Keep the lip natural with a soft pink lip stick (lip rouge #5; $26) or your fave lip balm.

Here is another version of our natural makeup look. This Chloe model has a slightly different finish to her base. Easily created with a light contour in the hollows of the cheeks (right below the cheek bones) and a highlighter on the cheek bones to make them stand out! Contour with the same matte bronzer as above and highlight with our PRO highlighter in Hush of Pink ($42). Keep the lips consistent with the look above.

This Dolce and Gabbana model has kept a natural look but has added a little black liner just above the lash line for something extra. Even though there is liner, this would still be considered a natural makeup look. Add a little color to the lips, try PRO lip rouge #12 ($26). Contour with our matte bronzer we love so dearly, highlight your cheekbones and BAM!, you're done.


Since we are wearing our ruby turban, we're going to leave our locks down.

You can easily create this by adding a little texture spray, try Kevin Murphy's Texture.Master ($31) and by simply wrapping your hair around the barrel of your curling iron. Remember,  the barrel size will dictate your curl. Smaller the barrel tighter the curl. For this look you'll want to use a barrel that is 1" or thicker. Run your fingers through the waves/curls to tossle and loosen them a bit. This creates a less contrived curl that appears to be effortless.

Alexa Chung (love her!) has created a similar look for the shorter haired femme's. Finish both looks off with your Session.Spray (Kevin Murphy $32).

 We found the look put all together with a few minor variations for you to see, check it out!


So get your fur (faux for the cruelty free fashion folks) find a dress, strap your feet into your boots, curl/tossle your mop, put on your face and get to where you are going in style! You can thank us at Artists Within later.


Much Love from,

Your Artists Within Peeps xoxo


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