Fashion Friday-60's inspired beauty

| Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend has come which means outings, events, parties, and dates!

The weekend fun always calls for weekend dress up! Once again, our wonderful stylist Crystal McKenzie pulled a gorgeous outfit to get you inspired; We've got your makeup look, and your hair style to make you the whole package!

To start, set your hair in large rollers; don't forget your heat protector if you're using hot rollers (Kevin Murphy-Damage Manager $28.00)

One day dirty hair usually is more cooperative. That doesn't mean go out with greasy locks, no! If you're feeling a little greasy, do not fret, Artists Within and Kevin Murphy has got your back. Stop by Artists Within and pick up a can of Fresh.Hair dry shampoo ($27.50). Spray this in your hair, at your roots and voila! Its like magic! You're hair will now look clean and smell wonderful. If its just a little powder you need, pick up Kevin Murphy's Powder Puff ($31). This will provide dance proof, kiss proof, drama proof, all night long volume!

Leave your hair to set the in rollers while doing your makeup. This will allow the hair to form the perfect curl while keeping your hair out of the way for your makeup app. 

Next up, your makeup! Let's get groovy with a little winged liner and a nude lip.

Black liner is only one option when considering your "wings". Maybe try blue...or green..what about purple? Play around and see what you like best! Lashes anyone? Thats what I thought! If you are applying lashes, ensure this is done BEFORE you apply your liner.


This is just one way to creat e 60's inspired look

We are going to leave the lip nude or if you want a little color try a soft pink. To nude the lip out, first make sure your lips are moisturized, dab a little foundation on your pout, line with a nude pencil. Fill the lip in with a nude or soft pink lipstick. Try Artists Within's PRO brand #7 lip rouge (available online $26.00) Apply a light pink (hush pink $26) to the apples of your cheeks for a fresh look or contour for more drama.

Now that your makeup is complete, its time to put some clothes on. 

If its chilly out, put a pair of nude tights/nylons on to protect your stems.

Now let your hair down, run your fingers through your mane; if you want to accessorize, try a thin headband.Spritz with Kevin Murphy's Session Spray ($27.50) and you are ready to walk out that door! 



So now that you have your look this weekend, treat your self to a little relaxation. There is no longer any need to stress over what to wear/how to look; we have taken care of that for you!

Have a great weekend fashion lovers and beauty enthusiasts!

Lots of love,

The Artists Within Team xo

If you are interested in learning how to become a makeup artist, a session hair stylist, or a wardrobe stylist please visit our website. Artists Within offers accredited diploma programs for all these courses. Convenient, we know;o)




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