Fashion Friday-Smokey eyes done right, pretty-messy hair and flapper flair!

| Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas parties are in full swing, carols are infiltrating the radio and dominating speakers, lights are shining bright; twinkling with glee, the malls are choas and Santa will be shimmying down your chimney in only 16 days...not that we're counting...

While Santa and his elves prepare for the biggest event of their year, the team at Artists Within has created yet another killer look to inspire you this weekend and for all weekends to come.

Two Words: Smokey.Eyes

Everyone loves the smokey eye but it can go very wrong very quickly resulting in a look that will make Ozzy Osbourne's makeup look good.

This is how NOT to do a smokey eye

Follow these tips and tricks from Artists Within's pro make up artists and acheive a set of gorgeous smokey eyes!

The most obvious way to do a smokey eye is with black and greys. This is really beautiful on the right person, but is quite harsh on most. To soften the look try using brown, beige and taupe. Or step outside the smokey eye box and use some color. Remember jewel tones are huge this season, why not try sapphire inspired smoke? Or what about Amethyst? Emerald green never hurt no one! 


Don't forget to apply your eye base (i-prime $21) for long lasting, "stay put" color! Start by lining the eye with your desired color of pencil, and smudge upwards and outwards using your smudge brush ($26). With your medium colored shadow, PRESS your color in to the lid using your large shadow brush ($34). Highlight the brow bone with your lightest color...or not. That's up to you. If you do highlight, use a matte color. Matte keeps it classy. Now BLEND my pretties! Blending will make or break your smokey eye; use your contour brush ($45) in circular motions to soften any lines that were created during application.


Finish off with a pale pout to make your eyes the focal point...or be daring and add some color! Add a little blush on the apples of your cheeks and up the cheek bone for that "just blushed" look. If you are unsure of where to place your blush, smile at yourself...your apples are the plump part of your cheek that Grandma squeezes when she see's you.

Now stand back and take a look at what you created; impeccable, dazzling smokey eyes! 



Now for our hair! Add some texture to your locks for easy manipulation using Kevin Murphy's Powder.Puff ($39) or Texture.Master ($31). This will offer light hold along with the grit needed for full control when styling.

Add a little back combing for some volume. Less is more ladies! Snooki has her trademark hair, let's let her have it and keep it for herself!  If you have long locks, pull all your hair over to one side and start braiding. Remember to keep it loose and "pretty-messy". This creates an effortless look without it being too overdone. Try braiding the hair different ways; braiding your sections under each other will create a more defined braid. Sections over top one another will create a subtle, more traditional braid. 



If you know how to fishtail braid, do that for something different. If you want to learn how to, Artists Within offers a diploma program for session hair styling where you will learn all different braiding techniques and more! Visit the website for more information

For the gals with shorter hair that don't have the luxury of a ravishing braid, try a coiffed, messy low bun. This too will offer elegance without looking over done. Back comb a bit, use the same products used for the side braid and start pinning hair where you want the bun to reside. Easy Peasy.

Spray both styles with Session.Spray ($32) to finish it off; to hold it all in place.

Save the best for last! Let's get dressed!

Artists Within's lovely stylist and designer, Crystal McKenzie, never seems to fail us with her eye for exquisite style.

First this...little black dress.....

Then this over top to add some 40's inspired flapper flair....

Fashionable footwear is essential, try these....

And finish it off with some little fringe earrings to compliment our look

One makeup, two hair, three outfit, four get out the door and start strutting what your Mama (and Artists Within) gave you! 

 Artists Within will be featured on CTV's morning show MONDAY, DECEMBER 12 showing holiday looks and giving professional tips to keep you looking and feeling your best this Holiday season! Watch for it!

Have a great weekend doing whatever you are doing, stay safe (checkstops are out in full;take a cab) and take one last glance of yourself before walking out the door....You look good!!!

Lots of love and holiday cheer from,

The Artists Within Team



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