Fashion Friday-Ringing in the New Year!...And AW get's to the bottom of Santa's identity

| Friday, December 23, 2011

Only 2 more days(!) until Jolly Saint Nic wiggles down your chimney. If you are chimney-less, he'll be walking right through your front door or breaking a window for entry; either way, he's gettin' in! Santa is the only stranger we welcome into our homes AND provide cookies and milk to say "Thanks for trespassing".

Who is Santa, really??!


He could be this which case I'll be waiting at the fireplace with a tire iron

All the paranoia and conspiracy theories aside, our team at Artists Within created a New Year's look that will have all the boys, and some girls, wishing Santa brought YOU for Christmas instead of that lousy knit vest. 


We've got your hair inspiration with tips and tricks from the pro's, the perfect Holiday makeup, and the outfit...OMG the OUTFIT! GORGEOUS!!!!!

Ok, let's get started! Our Hair :)

The look we pulled for hair takes a bit of skill and A LOT of patience! We are going to learn to do those classic, beautiful FINGER WAVES.


Take a deep breath, grab a comb, maybe a glass of wine, and get comfy. The biggest thing to remember is to make sure the hair is  SATURATED WITH PRODUCT! If you think there is enough gel in your locks, thats it's saturated enough, its not, add more. The rule "less is more" does not apply to creating fingers waves. 

Make sure to have an idea of what you want the overall style to be; what you want to achieve. If you have long hair, I would recommend waving only part of the hair and creating a nice, loose updo in the back. A low bun perhaps? You decide.


"X" marks the highest point on your head. From there, section the hair straight down to the top of your ears. Tie the hair that is behind your front section back to keep it out of the way. 

Part your hair to your preferential side, take a sip of your desired beverage and let's get started.

Step one: Start by combing your hair forward, the hair is pressed down near the part with the left hand. Draw the hair towards the brow with your comb making a sharp ridge that is held together by the middle finger and pointer finger. Once you are satisfied with the "C" wave you have created, clip it in the inside of the "C" to hold it all in place. (The first "C" should be backwards because we are ultimately creating an "S". Confused? Read on.)

Step two: Do the same as step one, except instead of combing the hair forward, we are going to draw the hair back creating the same "C" shape. Once you have this shape created, clip it to hold in place. You should see the result of two "C"s coming together creating an "S". 

Step three: Continue this pattern until all the desired hair has been waved into many little  "S"s. Now leave it alone to set, probably a couple of hours. If you have  a "hood dryer", grab your fave mag, maybe a nail file/polish and plop yourself under the heat. Relax and Enjoy!


If you choose to use a blow dryer to speed things up, use the LOWEST setting to ensure your hard work is not disrputed by overpowering man-made wind! Using a hair net is also another way to protect the pattern from being disrupted.


This should help you to visualize the "S" shape that must be created. 

Your locks are drying into happy little "S"s atop your head and your face is fresh, begging for a little glitz and glam to ring in 2012! 

Here we go, your MAKEUP!

We are going to do a little Silver and Gold; perfect for the holiday season.

Here is your Silver....

A little smokey liner to add more punch! BAM! (Refer back to our "Smokey Eye" post for a refresher tutorial)

Nude Lip? Bold lip? It's up to you!.....

We've got GOLD people! For the Diva in all of this, a little BLING for your lids...



And a beautiful combination of both...


Your hair should be getting close to dry, but leave it for a little longer while we put our garments on!

Check out this dress by Mikael Aghal; it's on SALE! 

Your shoes...Spulge with some Christian Louboutin diamond heels

And a sassy clutch for our necessary items (lipstick, mirror, tissue, ID, $$$, flask)

Clutch also by: Christian Louboutin


To finish our hair, we are going to remove the clips and brush away from the face.This is going to soften the waves; taking away the "crunch" left by the gel. (FYI:"crunchy hair is a HUGE no-no. Don't do it.It's not good.) If you're feeling it's a little flat, add your Powder.Puff (Kevin Murphy $39) for some oomph and of course Session.Spray (Kevin Murphy $32) to keep everything in place.

When completed, it'll look a little something like this...


So there you have it! You'll be ringing in the New Year in the utmost glamour and beauty! 

Remember to keep it classy this New Year's ladies; we don't need any smeared lips or running mascara. Save it for "That Girl" because you know she'll be there!

So have fun, eat lots, be merry and gratious, relax, and enjoy the Holiday season with your friends, family and loved ones!

We would like to thank everyone for a great year at Artists Within!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from,


Everyone at Artists Within xoxo


Please Note: Artists Within will be closed December 24/11-January 2/12. We'll be back 'atter on January 3rd/12.



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