Fashion Friday-Rolling in the Deep with winged liner and a Fedora

| Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! It also happens to be Friday the 13th, so be careful!

Be mind full of walking under ladders, black cats, shattering mirrors, spilling salt (if you do happen to spill salt, make sure to throw the spilled remnants over ones left shoulder. This eliminates the "unluckiness"), opening your umbrella indoors, stepping on cracks on the sidewalk...the list goes on and on! According to the superstitious, you should probably stay in bed today, and don't get out especially left foot first! (This too, is apparently means for bad luck!)

If you aren't of the superstitious variety and are looking for a little fashion to inspire you this weekend, you came to the right place. This Friday we, at Artists Within, were inspired by the lovely Adele. Not only does she have a gorgeous voice and writes beautiful music, she has a #1 selling record, multiple Grammy's and she's only 24 years old! If that wasn't enough we noticed that she also has one hell of a fashion sense!


You'll be rolling in the deep with this 60's inspired look that the Brit songbird never seems to get enough of!

Someone lock this girl up! Those eyes are enough to melt iceberg B-15

ERICA, Make up Artist and Instructor at Artists Within tells us how to acheive this on..

To create this look we are going to start off with a matte base. Start by priming, always! Prime with Artists Within's Primer ($45). Foundation next..Our Pro PRO Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation ($51) will offer you everything you will need in a foundation, finish with a dusting of our Loose Translucent Powder ($35) setting cream products to allow for all day wear.

Groom your brows with a clean mascara wand. If you need a little shape/color, use your angle brush and a matching pencil or brow powder to accentuate what your Mama gave you!...we're talking brows here people, stay with me!

Let's apply our eye base ($21) to make sure our liner and shadow stay put! After that's done use a light lavender shadow color on the lid. Add a slight crease with the darker violet tones if you feel so inclined to do so!

This PRO Hucklebery pallet is available at Artists Within for $55; not available online.

Now onto that infamous winged liner! It was dubbed "Cleopatra Eyes" and has been seen on Audrey Hepburn (RIP), Amy Winehouse (RIP) in a more dramatic version, it's all over the runway and in magazines and Adele definitely rocks it!

Kristin Stewart graced the cover of W magazine looking rather girly with her groomed brows and dramatic winged liner; purrr!

Instead of the traditional black liner, let's try using our PRO blue smoke ($21; available in store only) to give our peepers a more sultry, smokey feel. "Wing" the liner to create a very dramatic look as seen on Kristin Stewart or a more subtle "wing" as seen on Audrey Hepburn. Different strokes for different folks!

Finish our look off by adding a little color to the apples of our cheeks with PRO blush in Hush Pink ($26) Line your lips with a nude lip liner (bare; $21), fill in with a nude lipstick (barely; $26).

These are the products you will need to create the "Adele look" as we like to call it. All available online or at Artists Within.

It should look a little something like this when its all said and done...




We are going to leave our hair down and natural because Crystal has pulled an adorable fedora to place atop our noggins this week...Add a few loose waves with a large curling iron, a side braid if your hair is long enough, or spray a little of Kevin Murphy's Hair.Resort Spray ($31) to give a beachy, tossled finish to your locks.

This model chose loose waves to go under her Badgley Mischka fedora 

Now lets get dressed!!!!

AW's Crystal Mckenzie has equipped us with a stunner of an outfit this week!


Put it all together and we'll be rolling deep in high fashion, head to toe! 


Hope you enjoyed this week's Fashion Friday! Join us again next Friday for your weekend fashion inspiration from the Artists Within Gals! 


Ciao for now fashionista's!

Much Love,

Artists Within Team xoxo

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