Golden Globes:Some got it, others don't

| Friday, January 20, 2012

 The 2012 Golden Globe awards aired on Sunday. All the glitz, glam and excitement of the hottest Hollywood Actors and Actresses coming out to strut their stuff on the red carpet for all our judging eyes to see!

Well, we at Artists Within have some things to say about what we saw on the red carpet! Crystal has pulled some of her fave outfits she saw along with someone who just did not make the cut. Erica will be complimenting those who have their makeup spot on. And then find out who's makeup left Erica screaming at the TV in a fit of makeup-gone-wrong-rage! There were some hairstyles we saw that were gorgeous, had a uniquness to them that worked. But then there some that looked like brushed out bed head. 

So let's take a look at Artists Within's top picks for Golden Globe looks and those who will have to try a little harder next year!

First up, makeup...

We'll start off on a positive note by saying that we LOVE Zooey Deschanel and Nicole Richie. Both ooze with style and minus Nicole's stint on "The Simple Life", and her drug abuse which resulted in wild antics, both are edgy, classy girls  (Let forgiveness in your hearts people. Nicole's a good Mom and wife. We can't say the same about Ms.Hilton, can we?!). We put these gorgeous femme's in a style category all in their own!

Zooey put a modern twist to the 60's look by showing off, once again, her beautiful doe-y eyes...Doe-eyed Zoe-ey, cute!


Nicole puts cute and sassy together to create her red carpet look. She has kept her base soft, countoured her cheeks, kept her lips nude and focused on making her eyes the main attraction! Well done Nicole, you look fabulous!

Now for the Golden Globe makeup gone wrong....

MADONNA! What was this material girl thinking??

With no record of Madonna being a past student at Artists Within, she missed out on learning how to do makeup on "mature skin" (45+ years). Rules change when you are Madonna's age, and she broke most of them! We have this to say to you Madonna...The 80's are long gone, you're not 20 anymore and it is now time to embrace your matte shades and say good bye to your shimmery lids. Are you trying to draw attention to the fine lines that have resided on your eyelids??!!? With your shimmery shadow, you've accomplished just that *applause*

Now onto the hairstyles that had us cheering with joy and the one that had us raising our brow, speculating the possibility, that they weren't aware that there was a red carpet at this notorious event.

We saw quite a few buns atop, a-side, a-back people's heads this year. We adored Kelly Osbourne's that was placed at the base of her head. It was sleek and simple. Her dress was obviously the focal point. She did good by keeping her smokey blonde locks neatly tied behind her to avoid any busy-ness.


Kate Benkinsale piled her chocolate locks up to create a tousled updo that had the right amount of messy texture and the appropriate amount of glamour. 

Now for the one who didn't make our cut for fabulous hair but instead will have to take a verbal beating from us to ensure a look like this never hits the red carpet again...


Heidi Klum, did you know you were coming to the Golden Globes? Were you lounging about with your husband and beautiful kids at home when you received the call from your agent "GOLDEN GLOBES ARE TONIGHT! WHERE ARE YOU??!"  And the only option you had was a flatiron and a little hairspray? It sure appears that way. We like you Heidi, but our love is conditional and if you keep showing up to events with drab hair we may just have to move on from the Klum fan club.

An honorable mention for bad hair at this years Golden Globes goes to Selma Hayek. Girl, your ombre is all sorts of wrong! Some advice to you...ask Jessica Biel who her colorist is that achieved the PERFECT ombre on her. I'm sure she's just dying for you to ask!

 Now onto the garb. What everyone pays the most attention to. One wrong move and it will go down in Golden Globe history to never be forgotten.

We are going to start with Emma Stone's gem of a dress!


Here is Crystal's take on it...

"WOW! One of my favorites of the evening! She is young and hot and the details of this dress are just bang on! It is edgy and space age feeling, but still hot, hot, hot! I have heard others talk negatively about the color, but again, its different, she is young, she is fabulous and took a risk with this dress that has paid off. It is the perfect mix of edge and hotness! The belt also just adds that bit of "extreme" that we all love!" Great job Emma, you get our vote for one of the best!

Ombre-gone-wrong set aside, Salma Hayek's dress was to die for!!!


 The mix of colors, the beading, the length, the fit, everything was perfect! After all, it is Gucci...need we say more?!  The way it glistened on the red carpet was incredible and she wore it with such confidence that it tops our "best dress of the night" list!


Now for the one that fell short on our list of best dressed, Jessica Biel


To begin we want to say Jessica is so absolutely gorgeous! However we believe

this is not the place for this dress! It looks like a BAD wedding

gown from the 80's. Maybe she is doing a trial run before her big day comes...if that's the case, we don't mind if you don't share.

It fails to show her flawless physique and we noticed a weird bulge around the chest area that creates a tri-boob...what a disppointment.

Lace was in last year and we are happy to see bit of it this year, but not in this way!

She needed a stylist for this red carpet event. A designer wouldn't have been a bad idea either to make the necessary alterations (tri-boob?! Really??!)

So Jessica, if you are reading this, Crystal is a FANTASTIC stylist! Hire her and she will make sure that this NEVER happen's again to you for any event!


So there you have it, our Golden Globe best and worst hair, makeup and garb.


Have a great weekend and stay fashionable!




The Artists Within "Golden Globe Specialists" XOX


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