Fashion Friday-A helping of Androgyny with that?

| Friday, January 6, 2012

The first FASHION FRIDAY of 2012...and it's going to be a good one!

Androgyny - Andro-" means "man," and "gyn-" refers to "woman."

Androgyny was HUGE in the 90's, and it's making a comeback with a little tweaking here and there.

These ladies know meaning of Androgyny and how to rock it!

The androgynous look's that are popping up in magazines and on the runway can take a turn for the worst real quick if not done properly. Remember, there is still a large element of femininity when putting your Androgenous look together. Lucky for you, with the help of none other than the ARTISTS WITHIN team, you'll have a complete understanding of Androgyny and how to nail the look!

All the ladies rocking the short 'do's, listen, err...READ on!

We are going to start with product, of course. If you've got a little dirty, but not too dirty hair, start with the Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair dry shampoo($32). This will help to absorb some unwanted sebum (new word! Click to learn the definition), dirt and odour...yup odour. READ THE FINE PRINT...

Disclaimer: Kevin Murphy's Fresh.Hair dry shampoo, or any other dry shampoo on the market, is not a replacement for REAL shampoo. In order to maintain a healthy scalp, it too needs to be washed thoroughly with water and shampoo!

If you just washed your hair and are finding that it is too clean, fly-away and soft, spray a little Kevin Murphy Texture.Master($31) to add volume, grit and of course texture.

The model seen here, rocks an androgynous coiffed hairstyle.Create a style similar to this and you've got your androgynous 'do

If your hair is naturally straight, wrap sections of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron to add a little something you may be lacking. Keep it messy, kinda frizzy because that's what we like.

Another version of a similar style....a little more controlled.

If your hair is not cut like the image, don't fret. It as simple as slicking the sides back, and pinning the hair at your occipital bone .(click to learn what bone this is) This is going to almost emmulate a mohawk when pinned.

For the long haired gals wondering how to achieve an androgynous hairstyle, we've go that covered too!

This Anne Klein model slicked her hair back into a low, sleek pony tail.

Remember to finish all styles off with a spritz of Kevin Murphy's Session.Spray($32) to hold your style in place. Hair? Check!

The makeup of an Androgyn-ist...ok, we made that word up, ha!

All the brow lovers out there, here is your time to shine! We are going to PUNCH those brows up to make them full of DRAMA!

Model Raquel Zimmerman know's whats up

Don't forget the composition of your brow to ensure BALANCE people, we need BALANCE!

Keep that pout nude. Tone down your natural lip color with a light, nude lip pencil (bare $21) and our #7 PRO lip Rouge ($26). Finish with a *kiss* of nude gloss (Lip Toxyl $31)

Keeping the base simple, we are going to contour with a pale blush. Try our mineral matte blush in Hush Pink ($26) and highlight those beautiful cheek bones with Hush OF Pink ($42).

Those eyes, oh them eyes!

Keeping the look simple and pretty, we are going to start with an application of our eyebase. Try PRO I-Prime ($21) in a variety of shades. This will even out the skin tone of your lid and also allow the shadow to stay put!

Wash a subtle colored shadow (try our mineral matte shadow in VANILLA $26), apply your tight liner (ALWAYS!), mascara and we are done like dinner!

Another Androgynous makeup trend is none other than our Smokey Eye

Model Arizona Muse does gorgeous AGAIN!

Ok, let's put some clothes on. Artists Within's very own stylist, designer and all around fashionista Crystal has pulled an outfit that will make you see stars of excitement and jump in knee high socks of joy!

Check it out....

Put this all together and VOILA, it's magic! You're ready for anything life throws at you.

One more thing...We, at Artists Within, would like to crown model Agyness Deyn as The Anrodgynous Queen. Girl, you have got it all nailed! Hair, makeup, wardrobe, attitude! We like it all;)

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

Much Love from the "Androgyny lovers" at Artists Within xo

We leave you with these images of our Crowned Androgyny Queen, Enjoy!




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