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| Thursday, January 19, 2012


Welcome back models!

We hope you’re all staying warm and safe as we endure these few brutal weeks of Canadian winter, but we can’t complain! Down at the offices, the heaters are cranked high and we’ve kicked things back into gear with Open Calls where we met with some great potential talent on Tuesday. Also, last Friday, we sent our models on a casting call with their portfolios in hand for the future clients to view, and we just want to say thanks to all the amazing talent that showed up, we’ve received some fabulous feedback about you all. So keep working hard and getting those shots as we are booking great jobs everyday! 


 Drop in meetings for current and potential talent

 Interested in being a model? Come see us at AW Models International every Tuesday between 3:00-5:30pm or email us at modeladmin@artistswithin.com


Calling all AWI Models! If you do not have an AW Models portfolio make sure you let us know via email at awmodels@artistswithin.com so we can put your name down on the order list. These portfolios are the key to storing our photos and presenting at castings, don’t forget- presentation is everything!



We have been fortunate to sign a new, young, fresh face to AW Models International recently and although still in her teens, the future looks extremely bright for this girl. Zoe has ruled the dance industry and recently decided to take on the fashion industry by becoming a model with us! She has already been sent to one casting call, and with a great response from future clients and only weeks of being on the web, she is bound to be the next Gisele!


For Bookings contact: awmodels@artistswithin.com


That's all for now! 





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