Teach me Tuesday-Burgundy Glamour

| Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Burgundy Glamour
Melancholic Romanticism 

Black is a go-to hue for many
It's classic, versatile, and slimming
This season things are changing a little as we are noticing
Burgundy is the new black and is a must have

A few facts about the red shade
 Burgundy represents vigor, elegance, richness, leadership, and glamour

In astrology, burgundy is the color for Scorpio

Synonyms for burgundy include 

Make a statement by balancing a bold burgundy lip with a strong brow
The emphasis will be impactful and memorable

Red hair, blue eyes, bordeaux lips

For the blondes interested in introducing burgundy into their lives

When experimenting with burgundy makeup, make sure to choose one focal point
Keep your base and eyes simple with a little highlight/contour
Keep your locks loose and elegant or neatly tucked and tied

Fashion week starts soon in New York, and yes, we'll be talking about that.
Stay Tuned!

Much Love from,

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