Teach me Tuesday-Taking a look at a style icon

| Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself
Taking a modern twist on an influential period or person
One of the most iconic and recognizable styles is that of
Ms.Brigitte Bardot

All the while maintaining a coolness in her style that designers and photographers
still emulate today

Let's take a look...

Loose waves are on trend in fashion today

For Brigitte inspired beauty
Throw a wide headband in the mix to keep your locks off your face,
back brush your crown for some volume and go!

Messy sultry updo
The Real Deal

What has been inspired since...

Brigitte Bardot's makeup has influenced many artists 
and makeup enthusiasts alike.
If you have procrastinated learning winged liner in hopes the fad would fade
You are S.O.L. The trend is here to stay, so learn it and love it!

Copy cats

We urge you to try Brigitte's style on for yourself

Watch for November's issue of Avenue magazine
A Bardot inspired editorial, done by AW artist Erica, will be sure to inspire!

Much Love From,

Artists Within 'iconic' ladies XO

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