Fashion Friday- Go on, layer it up

| Friday, September 21, 2012

If you live where we do, the weather is unpredictable
Especially during winter!
You have to be prepared for -30°c, blowing snow and a wind that bites at your bones
Then, you get that familiar ache in your brain to tell you a chinook is blowing in
It's 10° out, the snow is melting, your frozen bones are thawing and you are stuck in the once practical down jacket, sweating buckets
Ahhh, YYC...
It's in our best interest to learn the technique of Layering
We're certain it was created for Canadians

Leandra Medine, or commonly referred to as Man Repeller, not because she is an ugly duckling, but instead because she believes, us ladies, dress for each other instead of the man/men and that the most fashionable of fashions actually repel the human male variety.
Go on, ask any guy what they think about parachute pants Answer: MC Hammer
Or ask them what they think about high waisted pants/shorts Answer: Mom in the 80's
They don't get it. But they're sure cute to look at!
Rewind back to the topic, Layering
Man Repeller owns the layering technique; she has got it dialed.

You think that's it?
........She's just getting started....

Damn Leandra! You did it again!

Brandon Sun offers chic layering in his FW 2012 collection

*Wipe drool of ones chin*

Burberry Prorsum gives layering options for the bloke and bella

Need a few more visuals to really get the look?
Ask and you shall receive

Gwen's Stefani's look is so cool! 
And look! The guy next to her is wearing a WOAH-man repeller outfit!
Please note the clever play on words, please?!

Lara Bingle, 
Model, businesswoman, fashion designer, TV personality, basically
the girl-who-has-it-all, goes for an edgy look with
leather leggings and an oversized leopard print scarf.
For the sake of the rest of us, I hope Miss.Bingle has weird knobby knees, or an outtie bellybutton; something to lessen her perfection. 
Sorry to anyone with an outtie...

Layer it up this fall and winter, you'll be glad you did so!

Happy Friday Fashion Folks

Much Love From,

The 'layering ladies' at Artists Within XO

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